Saarbrucken, Kaiserslautern Zone

He arrived!

2013-06-12 01.08.24 Golden-und-Trainer-Juni-2013-(20)C


We received a message from the Mission Secretary, and finally a picture of him with his Mission President and companion.  Since I do not have permission from his companion – I am just posting the cropped version with his Mission President.  Hopefully, other images to follow when I receive my first email from him in the field tomorrrow morning!  He should be typing it up while I sleep this evening, since they are 7 hours ahead!

Austin’s first area is in Saarbrucken.  It is in the most Southern area of Germany along the French border.


I am told it is a beautiful area, even though a large percentage was destroyed in WWII.  Historic landmarks in the city include the stone bridge across the Saar (1546), the Gothic church of St Arnual, the 18th-century Saarbrücken Castle and the old part of the town, the St. Johanner Markt (Sankt Johann market).  If you want to read more about Saarbrucken, there is a lot of fascinating history on Wikipedia!

2b4eb44165 800px-Schloss_Saarbruecken_blaue_Stunde neef-germany-107613 Saarbrucken saarbrucken-germany-2 saarbrucken-germany-31 SB-Rathaus ws_Saarbrucken_Germany_1280x800




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