Another Awesome Week in Deutschland!

This has been a pretty awesome week! The best part of the week was definitely Saturday! The young couple that we have been teaching (name withheld for privacy reasons) were baptized! It all went really well! Tons of people from the ward came, we had some good talks, and good food was served afterwards! All in all, it couldn’t have really gone better. Wait that’s not true. They spelled my name incorrectly on the program. It said “Elder Cassel.” Oh well, I’m used to that mistake. 

So yeah, what else interesting has gone on in my life.  I’ve officially made it past my first full transfer in Germany, that’s pretty nifty. Only 22 more months until I come home! That’s a weird thought. I ate the drachen feuer at our Chinese restaurant the other day. As I thought, it just barely had an afterburn, despite the fact that it warned about how spicy it would be. Anyways,  what else has happened?   I’m really tired, I can’t think. Elder Kalt and I went skateboarding last P-Day, so now I know how to ride a skateboard without falling off. Whoo! We also went and bought matching step brother ties and necklaces at a super cheap and awesome store called Primark. We’ll probably go back there today. Speaking of today, it’s Elder Brown’s birthday! I didn’t have any birthday songs on my ipod to play for him, but I did have a frosty the snowman song that says “Happy Birthday” at the very beginning of it, so Elder Watson and I went to their apartment this morning with a Christmas tree that we found in our missionary apartment, and sang it to him. Yes, we are special. 

What else has happened? We met with some older ladies in our ward, which is pretty fun. One told us about how her family was almost arrested by the Gestapo back in the day. That was a cool story. One lady made us some super tasty pancakes with strawberries and cream. I love food! Elder Kalt and I also met an elderly black lady who plays music on the streets. Her name’s Oma Tabia, and she was way nice. She called us her “grandbabies”, and walked us around town. She told us about how Germans don’t like her, and want to kill her, but they never will. She also told us that she doesn’t like the police because they know her too well. She was awesome. 

I don’t have a ton of time today, and I’m really tired, so that’s all for now. Life’s good, we work hard. 

Peace out, people!

Elder Austin Cassell


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