“Splits” Week

Hallo Leute!  (Translation:  People)

So this has been a pretty good week here in good ol’ Deutschland! Not a whole lot has happened, but it’s all been good!

I guess the first thing of interest is that we have a really cool new investigator! His name is Peter, and he is a really cool guy. He’s probably in his early 50’s and is really nice. He stopped some other Elders last week that he saw at a train station and he told them that he would want to meet with us. They gave him our number, since he lives in our area, and then he called us and we set up an appointment. We met at his house and ended up just talking about what we believe, and he seemed pretty excited about it! He’s a pretty devout Catholic man, who just wants to know God as much as he can. We bore him our testimonies about the Book Mormon, and he told us that he would read it and pray about it!  So that was cool! He also made us a bunch of little sandwiches and other snacks, and gave us a ride home, so he was way nice! We’re meeting with him again tomorrow! Hopefully it’ll go well!

Two out of the days this week I was on splits with some of the other Elders in my area, which was pretty fun!  (“Splits” are when the Missionaries spend a day with another Missionary that is not their companion – it helps break up the monotony of spending 24/7 together with your companion.)  One of the days I was on a split with an Elder named Elder Givens from the Idar Oberstein area. We went to his area, which is a really pretty area! It was a fun split.  I taught him how to juggle, and he taught me how to solve a Rubik’s cube. Good times!

The other split I stayed in my area, and worked with Elder Lyman, one of my Zone Leaders. I think it was a really good split!  He’s a really cool guy, and we did good work together! We worked with the other Saarbrücken Elders, and wrote some questions, bible verses, and answers to some questions in chalk on a bridge where people walk. At the end of this big chain we put our number for people that had questions, and we just talked to people while we did it.  We had a couple of people who seemed interested, so now we have some people to maybe work with!  Elder Lyman says that I’m an awesome missionary.  It’s true.  And that he thinks that I’ll train the next transfers which is in about two weeks. Scary. Not for me, but for the “golden” (nickname for new missionaries)   that I’ll theoretically be training.  That’ll be interesting.

Not a whole lot else has happened this week. That’s about it that’s interesting. So I guess I’ll talk about some of the interesting things that Germans do:

Germans are a little different. Let’s just establish that now. Like, the fact that Germans seem to like to use crutches for no reason. I see so many people here using crutches for no reason at all. Usually they just carry them. They also like to drink. A lot. At any given point in time there are at least ten men drinking on the steps outside of the train station, and one of them is always shirtless. Usually there are two of them, though. People here also just pee wherever they want. There’s no rule for public urination, so people will always just find random streets or bushes to do their business. They also like to advertise the same advertisement everywhere. There’s a poster here for a circus called “Flic Flac” that we see everywhere. The ad has a goth girl on it. We named her Gertrude. She’s everywhere. She gets around. Germans also have a fear of strange things:  Air conditioning, clothes dryers, non carbonated drinks, and turning on lights. It’s a little strange.

Well I gotta go for now. Hopefully something more interesting will happen this week, I feel pretty boring.

Tschüß Leute!

Elder Austin Cassell


One thought on ““Splits” Week

  1. Hi there. I worked with Austin at Legoland andwanted to email him, but I ddon’t have his email address. I was wondering if you could let me know what it is. Thanks.


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