Howdy y’all

So last week was a little boring, and I was hoping that I would have some more interesting things to talk about. Well, that certainly came true. It’s been a weird week.

Well Monday was pretty standard, we didn’t really do a whole lot. Elder Watson and I went and visited the couple that was recently baptized, and they were happy to see us. They had just got back from their vacation to Thailand, which they did not like very well. Apparently Thailand is way expensive and not fun. They joked with us about how they wanted to call us and tell us that they missed us and that they wanted to come home. They make me laugh! Björn was also watching American Football, so I got to see a little bit. It made me happy. It was the Colts against the Giants if I remember correctly, and it looked like the Colts were winning. That pleased me. I hate the Giants.

Tuesday was interesting. The three other Elders and I were walking to our church building for our district meeting that we have every Tuesday. We were walking down the street, when who comes stumbling over to us? Mario. For Elder Watson and I, this was our fourth encounter with Mario. This was the other first lucky encounter for the other two Elders. He shook all of our hands very enthusiastically, mumbled some stuff for a while, and then quoted the pledge of allegiance to us. Then after that we told him that we had to go, but he insisted that he hug each of us first. So he did. He hugged all of us for a few seconds each. Except for Elder Brown. He liked Elder Brown. He hugged him for a full minute or so, whispering drunken thoughts into his ear, and then kissing his shirt. That was interesting. Fortunately Elder Kalt managed to take a picture during this time, so I will be sending that picture as part of this letter. You’re welcome.


Thursday was also an interesting day. So the four of us went to go visit an older woman in our ward. She’s about 84 or so, and lives pretty far away. She wrote down some directions for us to follow so that we could find her house. They were wrong. We wandered around in the middle of nowhere looking for her house for a while before we realized that she had given us the wrong road to follow. So we wasted about an hour and a half going down a long country road. During this time, an Elder who shall remain nameless really had to use the bathroom. The problem was that there wasn’t anywhere to go. So he had to go off in to a big group of trees and bushes on the side of the road. Apparently some of the leaves were spiky. Enough said! (I should probably have edited this out, but it really loses something if I do…and if you know and understand my son, and our family – you will understand why I did not feel it necessary to edit it out!)

But wait there’s more! Thursday has another interesting tale! So we eventually got to this member’s house, and she poured us what she told us was Apfelsaft, which is basically apple cider, and Germans drink it all of the time. We downed half of our glasses in one gulp because we had just spent the last almost two hours walking around in the heat trying to find her house. So we tasted it and knew that something was wrong. We asked, but she insisted that it was Apfelsaft, so we just assumed that it was a really strong and nasty Apfelsaft (we are Americans – what do we know?). So we finished it. Then later she left the room and Elder Kalt went to look at the bottle, because the label was facing away from us. The label did not say Apfelsaft. It was Apfelwein. Yep, an apple flavored wine with a 6.6% alcohol content. So yeah, that’s how a member accidentally served me and my companions alcohol on our missions.

Other than those things not a whole lot happened this week. We met with some members for some eating/get to know you appointments. We did some service activities, went to some meetings, did our studying of course, and all other sorts of fun missionary things. We do a lot of work, but I just tend to talk about the more interesting and funny things that happen. But now I must go. Until next week!

Tschüß Leute!
Elder Austin Cassell


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