Random Dialogue

Austin did not have time to write an official blog letter this week.  We happened to wake up (thanks to a thunderstorm) about the time Austin (“Elder Cassell”) was emailing, so we were able to exchange a few short emails.  So this week’s blog post will just be a few random bits and pieces from those emails.  He promised a good one next week!  The rest of this post will be fragments of our dialog.  I apologize for the “chopiness”, but wanted to at least get something posted for this week.  After all, it IS his BIRTHDAY week!

Transfers are this week, and Austin and Elder Watson will be staying together in Saarbrücken.  I asked him if he was disappointed that he did not get a transfer.

“Nah, it’s all good. I wanted to stay here in Saarbrücken, so I’m happy about that.  Elder Watson and I get along well enough that I’ll enjoy this transfer. Elder Kalt will be getting a new companion.  Elder Brown was transferred to Frankfurt as a Tech Elder. “

Do your companions or does anyone know it’s your birthday?  What are you doing today for your P-Day?

Yeah, they all know. So does the ward. The Schröder family is having us come over on Wednesday to celebrate.  She’s making me her Peruvian Burritos. I’m exited!  And I have no idea what we’re doing today. It’s Elder Brown’s last P-Day here, so we’re letting him choose.   Then the Deutsch’s are taking us to all you can eat pizza.  My life is miserable here, isn’t it?

Asked about if he received any Birthday cards & his package that I sent (which has been stuck in the mission home for over a week!):
I got a card from Grammy, one from TX Grandma, and one from Brock and Sarah.   Nope, haven’t received the package yet.  I’m probably gonna get it next Tuesday. One of the Elders in my district is going to Frankfurt to pick up his new Golden, and will bring it back to me.  So he does that on Thursday, and then I’ll see him next Tuesday for district meeting.
Tell me one interesting thing that happened this week since you are not giving me a proper email!   (Unfortunately – this first one was NOT the kind of story I had in mind!!!!)

Well you wanna know about something else that happened this week. This is an excellent segue into something else that I needed to tell y’all.

So guess who lost his wallet with all of his debit cards and drivers license this week? Yeah, me. So my wallet fell out of my pocket this last Wednesday while we were on a bus. I realized that it was gone after about thirty seconds after we got off, so we were able to track down the same bus since it looped around about 3 minutes later. But somewhere between those five minutes somebody stole my wallet. So yeah. That was awesome. I didn’t have more than $15 of mission and personal money in it, so that’s good. But sometime this week can you try and send me a new license, and cancel my two debit cards and send me new ones? Sorry to be a pain in the butt. I blame the dishonest people of Germany. 

Something actually really cool happened Sunday.  I started fasting on Saturday, and was praying and fasting for a special experience at church on Sunday. We went through the first two hours of church, and nothing extraordinary or different had happened, so I was feeling a little let down. The Deutsch’s weren’t even there. Then a member came up to me and Elder Watson and told us that there was an investigator in the chapel.  We were confused because we only had one investigator, and we didn’t think that he would come to church. We went into the chapel and saw a young man sitting towards the back with Elder Kalt and Elder Brown.  I recognized him, but could not remember where I knew him from. Then it hit me. He had come up to Elder Watson and I the previous Monday while we were walking on the street, and had told us that he had been a foreign exchange student in Arizona, where he had lived with a member family.  He knew a good amount about the church. We didn’t really get to talk with him then because he just kind of left, but we thought it was just cool to meet such a nice guy.  So Elder Kalt talked with him for a while, and apparently he had also seen the other two Elders walking on the street, and decided that he had seen two different groups of Elders in one week, and that was a sign from God. So he went online to find out where and when our ward met, and decided to come.  He also really liked it, and said that next week he will come for all three hours.  Also, the Deutsch’s did come during the opening song in sacrament, and Sister Deutsch brought her younger sister. Apparently Sister Deutsch’s sister is interested in the church, and we are going to have an opportunity to work with her.  It was just a really cool experience that really strengthened my testimony about prayer and fasting.

Well yeah, I gotta go. Sorry I can’t write a proper letter this week, I’ll make sure to write an awesome letter next week! I love you guys!

Love your favorite son!



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