Lots of New Pictures!

So I guess I should answer your questions first. So I just had some emergency funds stashed in the apartment in case I ever lost my wallet (see I can think ahead! And I did have a if lost please return to address and phone number inside the wallet. The person who took it is just lazy and dishonest.) so I’ve been living off of that back up money of 50 euro personal and 50 mission. I should hopefully get my mission card soon.  (His wallet fell out of his pocket on the bus, and someone took it within just a few minutes).

So yeah the thought of Cade going to homecoming and dancing with a girl is amusing to me. I can’t see it. You will have to send me pictures of everything! I want some amusement!

We haven’t done a whole lot that was very interesting this week. We went to a small little city in our area to find some service projects to do, so we can try and meet people through that. That worked pretty well, we’ve got some appointments. We went to the zoo on Saturday with the ward, which was pretty fun. Not a ton of people ended up going, but it was still fun. I’ve got some good pictures to show. By the way I uploaded a bunch of pictures last week on Dropbox. Did you see them?  Some of them are pretty great.  (Had to hunt for them – he put them in the wrong folder.  They are posted below).

Other than that it’s been a pretty boring week. We’ve been trying to meet with some less active members and to find new people to teach, but it hasn’t been going all that great. Somehow we always seem to be busy though, and I’m happy.  We get to meet with members pretty often which is pretty nice. I really like my ward!  Elder Olson is pretty cool. We get along pretty well, and we both like sports which is good.

Well I gotta go, all the others are finished, and we have sweaters to buy. That’s another thing, it got really cold and rainy this week, I’m not sure that I like it!  But whatevs, it’s just gonna get worse.

So yeah, thanks for filling me in, and sorry that I don’t have a ton to fill you in on this week. Next week will be better!

Love ya! Miss ya!

Your favorite son!

Here are some of the pics he uploaded.  Don’t ask me to explain…I’m not sure what the story is behind most of them.  We will have to wait for him to come home and tell the stories!  However, if you remember the stories about the “Elder that would remain nameless” having to stop in the bushes, or the story about the member that accidentally gave the Elders Apple Wine instead of Apple Cider…both of those stories are documented now with pictures!  🙂  On a side note:  If you don’t know Missionaries, and how weird and random they can be, just understand that they find strange things to entertain themselves with!  They ALL act a little crazy and odd.  Hence…the weird pictures. 


“The Elder that shall remain nameless”




“Apple Wine”


Elder Kalt…no idea what is going on there…


“King of the…Railroad???”


Jump rope with a vine. Oh the fun these guys have!


Not a clue…but he’s handsome!

Oh…they are interesting!!! A little odd…but “whatevs”!

Not a clue…but it’s pretty!


OK….sure. Nice hat.


Not quite a horse!

IMG_1782   IMG_1823     IMG_1854


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