Ramblings and Volleyball

So I’m not entirely sure what I’m gonna write about with this letter, because not a whole lot of interesting things have happened this week. So I’m just gonna ramble on about whatever pops into my mind. This should be interesting.

Well I guess I should just start off with describing the things that have happened this week that are the most interesting. There are not a lot. Most of our time this week has been traveling via train to a bunch of the smaller cities in our area to talk to the people in the Rathäusen (which means town halls I guess. The direct translation is council house.) to try and find service opportunities. We went to some cities like Homburg, Bexbach, Neunkirchen, and Saarlouis. Try and guess which of those cities was at one point a French city. Hard, right? Well anyways that went pretty well, we found some potential things to do. The only problem was that it just sucked up a ton of the time in our week. Another large part of our week was meeting and coordinating with people in our ward to try and get some of the ward activities and plans started. Like our English class, sports night, a fireside, and a primary activity.

One pretty good little story was something that happened this Saturday. The other Elders and I all went to these volleyball courts near the river to try and play volleyball with some of the young people in our ward, and some of our potential investigators that we have. Nobody was able to come, which was lame, but we still went for a little while to see if we could play with anybody there. There wasn’t. But whatever, we stayed for about an hour just in case. So we were playing and it was my turn to serve. I’d like to remind everyone that I suck at volleyball. So I served it, hit it wrong, and it went way far left all the way into the river. Yep. I lost Elder Olson’s volleyball, which should be portrayed by the picture I just sent to my dear mother. So we had thought that we had lost it forever because it was in the middle of the river, and we weren’t allowed to go in to the water to go get it. But the other two went on one side of the river to go get it in case it washed up on the bank. Well we didn’t think we’d be able to get it back. It was in the middle of the water, and the only people around was a couple making out under a bridge nearby. But then all of a sudden a man on a boat rounds the corner, sees the other two and the volleyball, and picked it up and threw it to them! It was awesome! The man was a hero, and I didn’t have to buy Elder Olson a new volleyball.

Lost Volleyball in the Saar

Lost Volleyball in the Saar

Well that’s actually about all that I have time for. Lame. Last notes:  Germany is awesome, and so is the language. I enjoy it. People do smoke too much here, though. That’s my only big complaint. But I’m happy here, and that’s good!

Well gotta go, tschüß!

Elder Austin Cassell

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