Field Trip to Trier (Last Week’s Letter)

Sorry my last letter was so short.  I was super tired and not in a very writy mood. It’s hard work writing all of you people each Monday!  Speaking of which sorry that I was not able to write you yesterday, we had to leave early in the morning for a big district P-Day in Trier. We had a big district p-day because one of the Elders in the district is “dying” (missionary phrase for going home), so we wanted to give him a fun funeral. It was really fun! Trier is apparently one of the oldest cities in all of Europe, and they have a lot of cool stuff that the Romans built there when they were in power, like a Colosseum, big gateway, and some bath houses,  so it was totally up my alley! Plus there was a really cool old Catholic Dom that we were able to go and look at, and that was cool. The Dom apparently owns the robe that Christ supposedly wore before he was crucified, but they apparently only let people come and see that only every 20 years, so we didn’t get to see it.

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After hanging out there for a couple hours we had to leave early for a member appointment with the Kras family. Oh that reminds me, transfer calls!  So it looks like I’m staying here and getting a new companion named Elder Slyzowski or something like that, I’m not sure how it’s spelled. He’s gonna replace Elder Watson as the district leader, which is awesome because I still get to be the district Frau! (Missionary phrase for companion of the district leader who gets to go on all of the splits with other missionaries in the district, but doesn’t have the extra responsibilities of the district leader. It’s pretty sweet.) From what I’ve heard he’s a pretty cool guy.  Elder Watson is getting transferred to Oberhausen. Elder Kalt is leaving and heading back east to Gera, and Elder Olson is staying and going to be training a new golden (nickname for a new missionary). I’m looking forward to this transfer, I think. I pretty much knew that I was staying, which I’m happy with. I like Saarbrücken. The ward is awesome, and that’s really what makes the place cool. I think that I wanna stay here one more transfer after this one, so that I’m here for Christmas, but we’ll see. I gotta leave this place sometime! But yeah, it’ll be sad to see Elder Watson and Elder Kalt go, since they’ve been with me my whole mission, but we’ll stay in touch, and I’ll meet new missionaries, so that’ll be cool!

Let’s see nothing all that else interesting has happened lately. We still only have two investigators. One is a nice German guy that we teach. He’s Catholic sort of, but he likes the idea of our church, and he just wants to help make the world a better place, so we’ll try and help him!  Our other investigator is from India. He’s about 27 and we teach him in English. He’s a really cool guy who wants to get closer to God, and knows that we have the truth. He’s a really great and nice guy and I’m excited to work with him! This last Sunday we met with him for tea and cake at his house, and then he took us on a walk to an alpaca and llama farm! It was pretty awesome! Now when I come home and people ask me where I went on my mission, I can tell them: 1. On my mission an investigator once took us to a llama farm. 2. On my mission I pet a Zebra. That was at the zoo. I can’t remember if I told you that or not. I kind of illegally pet one of the zebras at the zoo. Totally worth it.

But yeah, I guess to answer some of your questions real quick. Like I said, Zone Conference was really good. Usually what happens is that Sister Schwartz will talk to us for a while, then we will hear from President for a while. Then we have lunch, it was burritos this last time which was awesome, then we had a lesson from some of the missionaries, then another lesson from the APs, and then a final lesson from President. It was all really good, and was mainly all about working with members, and trying to find new and more creative ways to do missionary work. It’s always good to see President. He’s awesome! He makes each missionary just feel loved and awesome! He always gives me a big hug and talks to me for a little bit. The last three times that I’ve talked to him, once in person at ZTM, once through my weekly email, and then on Saturday when he called Elder Watson to let him know that he was being released, he’s told me how good my German is, and that always makes me happy!

The new member family is doing well! They come to church every week, and Björn will be getting the priesthood soon, which is good. Björn still informs me on how the Cowboys are doing. Right now they are sad that Elder Watson is leaving. They sent us a big “WHAT!? NOOOOO! :(” Text when they found out he was leaving, it made me laugh.

But yeah, things are good. I’m happy and life is sweet! But I’ve gotta go now, so bye!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

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