Transfer this week!

So I uploaded all of the pictures that I’ve taken with Elder Slagowski this transfer. Yeah I know that there really isn’t a lot, but hey that’s what happens when you are in the same area for 4 transfers.

IMG_2109IMG_2089 IMG_2090


Austin’s current companion

Which brings me to my next topic of conversation. I’m being transferred! Thursday morning I will be headed all the way to Coburg! I am pretty dang excited about it. It’s a town in the very tip of Bayern, and it’s in the Nürnberg zone, which is apparently THE zone you wanna be in during Christmas. I haven’t really heard that much about Coburg, other than that it’s beautiful there. So that will be cool, going from one of the arguably most ugly areas in the mission, to one of the prettiest.  Kelly’s Notes:  (Coburg is a town located on the Itz River in Bavaria, Germany.  Bavaria has most of the castles, and is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Germany.  It is also the area where they have the “Christmas markets” – so definitely the BEST place to be over the Holidays!)

Pictures and info on Coburg:


Christmas Market in Coburg


View of Coburg


Ehrenburg Palace in Coburg


Fortress of Coburg

It was kind of sad saying goodbye to some of the members of the ward – they are all so great, but I’m happy to have some change. I just now need to take advantage of all of the big stores that I’m gonna miss. But now I need to pack all my crap. Ugh.

Well there really hasn’t been that much else going on here. We had our street display this Saturday, and it went fairly well. We did it about genealogy. It was funny because right next to us was a group of Philippine girls raising money for the Philippines. They kept playing a bunch of modern music and singing along horribly to all of them through their karaoke machine. They did like us a lot, though. They kept taking pictures with us. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures with them.

I went on a split this week to Bitburg, and that was fun. I miss Americans. They are so nice. They gave me tons of American goodies, and I got to play with some kids that speak English. That was pretty fun.

Well I gotta go, I got a lot of stuff to do today. Love you guys!

Love Elder Austin Cassell


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