Coburg is AWESOME! (Double Post from 12/16 & 12/23)

December 16, 2013
Hey so sorry if this letter to you guy is gonna be short, but I don’t have a ton of time to write a big old huge letter. We have our zone Pday today, so I have to do my emailing really fast in this small internet cafe in Nürnberg, and then I gotta get out of here to go have some fun. 

So yeah, this week was pretty sweet. We met with a lot of our investigators, so that was really good. And yesterday we set a baptismal date with one of our investigators, so that of course is awesome! He comes from Afghanistan, and is about 22ish. He is a way nice guy, and he really wants to be baptized. We knew that he has been wanting to be baptized for a while, but we had to wait a while to make sure that he has a real testimony about everything, and that he understands everything, and it seems that he does, so we set a baptismal date for him to be baptized on January 4th!

So what made the Hobbit so good? I did not get a heavily detailed letter from Cade because he sucks. 

Yeah I went back through a lot of the ancestry on the Cassell side. There are a lot of kings and queens from Germany and France – pretty sweet. 

Oh yeah, about my cardigan, don’t be hating! You people back in America may think that it looks weird, but here in Germany it’s super awesome! It’s what a lot of the missionaries wear. It’s just the thing here. I thought that they were girly too at first, but they’re not here. And neither is my side bag. “It’s a man’s bag!” Friends references – gotta love em. 

So what did sister Tschiershwitz say about me? Good things I hope? She is way nice and awesome! Did any other members from Saarbrücken send me friend requests? (He got a few requests on his Facebook from people back in his Saarbrücken area – which I let him know about.  Yes…I do try to update him on his Facebook stuff!)

So I got my package finally, so that’s good. And I got some Christmas invites, so I’ll try and make Skype plans this week, and let you know this week.  Also I uploaded a few pictures from Saarbrücken.

IMG_2153EIMG_2131E IMG_2133E IMG_2146E

Gotta go, love you!
Elder Austin Cassell

December 23, 2013

So somehow I am pretty pressed for time again, so I am just gonna do a combined email. Sorry to suck in those regards, hopefully I’ll be better after Christmas.  So things that happened this week:

On Monday we went to Nürnberg to go see the Weihnacht Markt, which is the biggest and the most famous in the world, so that was really cool! There was a crazy amount of people there! And we were there only on a Monday afternoon! I didn’t really buy anything, which was disappointing. I was going in the hope of buying you guys your Christmas presents, but I couldn’t find anything that was really all that great without being RIDICULOUSLY expensive! So I’m gonna try and find some cool stuff for y’all today. So yeah all I bought was a €5 cup of Kinderpunch, the only non alcoholic drink there, and that tasted really good. I mainly bought it for the tradition of it, and the cup. And then I also bought a 1/2 meter wurst. But that was just because it looked awesome, and I got a good picture out of it, so I’m happy. I didn’t get to buy lederhosen, though. We didn’t have enough time. We had a lot of fun hanging out with a lot of the elders from our district and some from our zone, so it was way cool!

IMG_2220E IMG_2227E IMG_2228E

We had zone conference this last Tuesday, which was really good and fun. I got to see some people that I haven’t seen in a while. People in my Saarbrücken districts at other points in time, like Elder Kalt. We learned a lot, and then we went to the Weihnacht Markt to sing Christmas songs to everyone there. It was way cool.

IMG_2236E IMG_2234E IMG_2232E IMG_2224E IMG_2217E IMG_2216E IMG_2215E IMG_2158E

We met with some of our investigators this week, which was way good. We also have a new investigator, who I see a lot of potential in. So that’s good.

Well anyways I’m super excited to Skype with you guys on Christmas! It’ll be sweet! I’ll make sure that it all works out!

Love you guys, and am way excited!

Love Elder Austin Cassell


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