January 6, 2014 – “drei Königs Tag” (Three Kings Day)

Sup Parentals,

I am so tired. I don’t know why, because I took a nap today. But I have like zero energy right now. So sorry if this email turns out being pretty lame today. But that’s one of the lame things about this pday. Everything is closed. Like everything. We couldn’t even go grocery shopping today because the whole town is shut down. It’s some holiday today called “drei Königs Tag” which means three kings day. But yeah that’s the thing about Germany. Any holiday and the whole place pretty much shuts down and people just sit at home. So yeah we haven’t really done anything today. We cleaned because we have cleaning checks tomorrow. Which is pointless because we are moving into a new apartment soon. By the way, our new apartment is sweet! We checked it out yesterday. It’s like twice the size of the one that we have right now, has two bathrooms, and the shower has decent water pressure, so I’m happy!

So for New Years Eve we stayed inside from 6 on and made new goals for the new year. It was okay. Then we went to bed at 10:30. Then we woke up at like 11:45 because all of Germany started going nuts with the fireworks thing. They launch them like crazy! I will try to upload the video that I took sometime next week. They definitely go for quantity rather than quality for the fireworks, though. There’s a ton of them, but they are not all that impressive. So that was cool.

New Years Day was dead. There was nobody out and about. Luckily we had some appointments so we had something to do. I also went on two splits this week. One with Elder Simpson, and one with Elder Jackson. He’s from Ireland. They were really fun and we had some great experiences.

Other things that we did this week: On Friday we played volleyball with our investigators which was fun. I’m getting pretty good!  It was cool because Koffi came. He is a less active member from Ivory Coast Africa. We found him a few weeks back, and he had no idea that there was a church in Coburg. But he came to volleyball and church this week, so that was way cool! He’s 25 and a student here learning German.

So last pday we just hung out with the other missionaries in Bamberg and had lunch, went around the city a little bit, and then did some shopping because they had a lot of after christmas deals. Which reminds me, I got a sweet deal on a new suit! I bought a pretty decent grey suit at C&A that was usually €90, and I got it for €19! Holla holla! (That was a shout-out for Aunt Sarah)

And on Saturday we had a pretty cool street display at Bamberg. I made a bunch of balloons and handed them out to kids. The balloons all say “Ich bin ein Kind Gottes” and then they say mormon.org on the back. It was pretty successful and really fun.

Well I gotta go! I love you guys! Have fun in Texas!

Love, Elder Austin Cassell

IMG_2277Ew IMG_2274w

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