One-Third Mark Reached! Jan. 13, 2014

Hi Everyone,

So I am email messaging y’all right now in “real time” as I schreib this email, so I feel pretty silly. I feel like I am having two conversations at once.

 Today we haven’t really been doing anything. There’s not a lot to do in Coburg, other than go to the castle, and we are gonna do that sometime later this transfer with our whole district. So we just did shopping for groceries, ate lunch, tried to shop a little bit, took naps, played some card games, and did a Jesus puzzle. Fun stuff!”

We did not do anything cool on Three kings day. That’s a German holiday. All Germans do on their holidays is not work. They all stay inside their tiny litlle apartments, watch tv, drink, and smoke. The daily life of a German. We still have not moved in to the new apartment. We have to wait on some of our new stuff to get here from Frankfurt.

Yeah, I heard that they had released the name of the new Mission President. That’s cool that he is a pediatrician. I was hoping that he would be a German, but I am sure that I will love him just the same. By the way did I ever mention that Coburg is President Schwartz’s home town? He grew up here, was baptized in our ward building and what not. Cool stuff, right? I’ve just decided that when he retires and is no longer our mission president, I am just going to have to beg the new mission president to send me down to Feucht, president Schwartz’s current home, so that I can just see him every Sunday at least!  Love that man!  He is a spiritual giant and one of the best people I’ve ever met.

I still have not bought my lederhosen yet, I’ll get them at some point though, don’t worry. Kein Angst. I didn’t get any pictures of the street display, sorry, I forgot my camera. I haven’t really taken any pictures this week, but I’m working on it.

Our investigators are doing okay. Unfortunately almost every single one of our appointments with investigators has fallen out this week.  Most were just too busy and were not able to meet. That is one of the things that is frustrating right now; the fact that a lot of our investigators, who are students at the hoch schule, are all really busy right now because they all have papers, projects, and Prüfungen coming up in the next couple of weeks or so. So it is pretty difficult for them to find any time where they can meet with us or come to any of our activities. So hopefully they’ll all be able to find some time this week where they can meet with us!

But aside from that fact, we have still had some really cool things and miracles happen this week! The biggest miracle that I feel that happened is what happened last Monday night. Elder Rock and I had our primary plan, and our backup plan fall out, so we decided that we would go to the church to print out some pass along flyers and posters for our Kulturabend that we have coming up at the end of the month, and then go to the Hochschule and go invite all of our investigators and potential friends there. So we went and did that, and then at about 8:20 we started heading back to the Wohnung to eat some dinner and finish up some plans for the Kulturabend. On the way back, however, we both felt prompted to go to a restaurant that we knew a friend of one of our investigators, who we have met a few times, worked at. We wanted to go in and just say hi to her and to see how she was doing. Once we got there we saw that she was working and started talking to her, and each ordered a small pizza so that we could stay there and talk to her (plus we were hungry). As we were waiting though, a group of people sitting down next to us started asking us a bunch of questions. You know the standard missionary questions: who are you, where are you from, what are you doing here, etc. Well we ended up talking with them for a while (two moms and two younger teenagers) and we eventually found out that one of the moms was the mother of our investigator’s friend, and actually was the owner of the restaurant. So we kept talking and eventually mentioned some of our activities that we had at the church, and about the Kulturabend that we will be having, and they got really excited about all of them! The owner really wants to come to the English class that we have at the church, and the others want to come and play volleyball with us! And what more, the owner took one of our posters that we had for Kulturabend, and said that she would advertise it at the front of the restaurant for us! And her friend works for a class that teaches people German, and she said that she would advertise it at her work as well! And then to top it all off, the owner gave us our pizzas and soda for free, because of how nice we were! It was a really cool experience, and was totally lead and happened through the Spirit! So I really hope some good things will come out of this!

By the way we just entered into a new transfer, so I am here in Coburg with Elder Rock for at least another 6 weeks. Elder Rock is a really good missionary. We don’t mess around as much as I have had with my other companions, but he is a really good example and I have definitely learned a lot from him this transfer. I am happy to be here in Coburg with him for at least one other transfer.

I realized that I hit my one third mark for my mission. That’s weird. I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I feel like my German is really improving. I’m really learning to understand and apply all the grammar rules. Plus people still think that I am German all of the time , so that makes me happy.

Well I gotta go, Love you guys! Bis nächste Woche!

Elder Austin Cassell



2 thoughts on “One-Third Mark Reached! Jan. 13, 2014

  1. I love reading these e-mails! TJ (Elder Rock) doesn’t give us all the details like Austin does! Thanks so much for sharing


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