January 20, 2014 – Schnitzel & Currywurst

My week was good. I had a split with Elder Jackson in Bamberg, that was awesome.  He is seriously hilarious.  We had zone training meeting, an interesting appointment with our less active friend,  and a few appointments here and there. One of our main investigators told us that she’ll get baptized soon, so that was really good.

I love the German language.  Every day somebody will comment on how good my German is, how I sound like I am German.

Here’s a funny story:  So we get called about twice everyday from a less active member that loves us. Mainly Elder Rock. His name is Jürgen. Well he invited us over for dinner this week so that he could make us Schnitzel. We don’t know why. Anyways, we get to his apartment and he is ready for us, and has all of the things out for the schnitzel. So schnitzel and oil, and a pan. And we ask him if there is anything we could do to help with dinner. His response: “yeah you can cook it.”  So that’s what we did. I made schnitzel for the first time in my life. And we started cooking it, and then he comes over and says “Okay they are done” and takes them out. They were not done. They were still quite raw in the middle. So he takes them out and puts them on the plates, and puts the nudel salat all on top of them and then we sit at the table. I tried to tell him that they were not done, but he did not listen. So he takes a big bite out of his, then says “oh its raw”.  So he takes ours back and then puts them back on the pan, and tries again, except this time it’s cooking in oils and nudels. In the end they were cooked good enough to eat, and really weren’t too bad. Then he gave Elder Rock cds that he made for him. So one cd of Mo Tab, one of classical, one of a bunch of rock music (which we obviously won’t listen to), and one that is one solid hour of just jungle sounds. We don’t know why. We just talked to him a little bit ago and we are going over to his house again on Wednesday and he is going to make us currywurst. I’m excited.

Well gotta go! Love you! Mean it!

Elder Austin Cassell


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