Humility Check

Well this Pday ended up being pretty boring. We had planned to go down to Nürnberg for the day so that we could go and finally buy our Lederhosen, but alas fate had other much more lame plans in store for us. So on Friday we got a letter from the city government that said that we had to be in our apartment at 4 because some workers had to come and check our water or something stupid like that, or we would receive a big fine. So that kind of messed up our day. But whatever – we’re just gonna chill for the day.

This week we picked up two new investigators which we are pretty happy about! One is the neighbor of one of our members. We go to this ward member’s house like every week to do some service for her since she was moving apartments and needed a lot of help with a bunch of stuff. Well, we were helping her last week move stuff out of her basement, and then the neighbor came and helped a little too, and then we helped him move some of his stuff while we were there. Then later, we went to invite him and his wife to the little musical that the sisters are doing in the ward on the 21st (I wonder if there is anything going on on that day that I am supposed to remember. Probably not.)  (Mom’s note: This is a reference to my birthday!)  Well he didn’t really seem to have much interest in coming to the musical, but then he let us in and we talked to him for a long time, shared some spiritual thoughts, he cried, and then he asked if we could come back and visit him this week, so that was really cool.  He’s a way nice guy.

The other new investigator is named Kelly, and she is 21 and from Kenya. She is here for school, and she has been a potential investigator for forever, and we were just able to start meeting with her. Hopefully some cool things will happen.

Nothing too interesting has happened other than that. We asked Karen if she would commit to baptism, but she said that she doesn’t want to make a decision until she knows 100 percent that the church is true. Even though she said no for now, we feel good about it, and we know that she will be baptized sometime, it’s just a matter of time.

I gave a talk yesterday in church. My topic was “How does the knowledge that you are a child of God influence your thoughts, words, and actions”.  In true Elder Cassell fashion, I quoted something. Not Harry Potter this time, though. This time I used Lion King. I talked about the part when Simba talks to Mufasa in the clouds and goes through the whole “you have forgotten yourself and so have forgotten me” thing. It was awesome. The members loved it. I love giving talks in church, because people come up to me and tell me how good I am at public speaking, how good my German is. It always boosts my self-esteem and makes me feel good!  President Schwartz’s sister said that I have really good German and thought that I was out a lot longer than I was.  I was happy. I do feel like I am good at speaking and doing presentations and speeches, so I am not sure how I am going to use that talent for the rest of my life – like for a career and what not. We’ll see. All I know is that I enjoy it.  I’m also feeling a little prideful about it right now, so that’s some prime time for the Lord to send me a humility check!   So we will see what happens!

Transfer calls are this Saturday so we will see what will happen with Elder Rock and I. We have no idea what is going to happen. This will be an interesting transfer call.

Well I gotta go, so I’ll talk to you guys next week! Love you!

Love Elder Austin Cassell

Ps. Did Brock and Sarah have the girls yet? Send me pictures when they have them!

IMG_2337wIMG_2330w  IMG_2359w IMG_2360w IMG_2361w IMG_2352-w


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