Fasching and Coburg Newspaper Article!

Yep, I’m oficially der Zweiter Ratgeber der Zweigpräsidentschaft (2nd Counselor to the President).   It feels pretty weird!  For responsibilities, I help count tithing money and what-not after church on Sundays, I am in charge of overseeing the Young Men activities in the branch, and starting the next Sunday after this Sunday I will be in charge of conducting the Sacrament meetings.  Any other responsibilities that I have I will learn about this Friday when we have a Branch Presidency meeting.  Poor Elder Brandner has to wait out in the hall when we have meetings, so that kind-of sucks for him.  I’m pretty sure that most people were surprised that I was called as the second counselor. Apparently that has never happened in Coburg.  It was weird though because I was in the pews sitting with Elder Brandner and Koffi, and then they announced my calling and I had to go up and sit on the stand. It’s weird. I felt like I had just been separated from the rest of the branch.

The weather is actually rather schön today. Fairly warm and sunny.  Life is pretty great!  Things are going great with Elder Brandner!  I feel like I can really be myself, and we get along really well.  We work really well together.  We have a lot of fun, but we work really hard and get a lot done!  We pretty much just chilled today, there really is not a whole lot to do here in Coburg. Especially when we have to go back and forth everywhere for grocery shopping and doing laundry.  I don’t have much time to write a big letter today, I am trying to play catch up with all of the people that have written me and I haven’t really replied back to in a while.

This week is the starting of Carnival, though, which is basically the German equivalent of Halloween. It just lasts a long time, and people drink a lot more. There was also a day called Fasching, where women go around and try to cut off people’s ties. So it is a dangerous day for Elders. It’s not really a big deal here in Coburg, though, so it was okay. I still wore one of my crappy ties, just in case. I was not willing to take the risk and lose one of my good ties. When it comes to my ties, I’m not afraid of keeping my pimp hand strong. Other than that nothing really interesting has happened this week. We did get stopped yesterday by a crazy guy, though. He started telling us all about how he knows when Christ is gonna come back and how we have to go back to America and tell everyone on his behalf. That was fun.

Oh yeah, and the newspaper article on Elder Rock and I came out this last week. We had a full little article in the Coburg newspaper about us. It turned out pretty good!  There’s a big picture of the two of us in it too. I’ll send it to you guys, and I’ll try and send you pictures of the pages within the next few days. You can get Brock to translate it for you or something. They described me as the happy and chill one, and mentioned that I was wearing a batman watch and that I worked at Legoland.  So yeah, I am basically awesome (hahaha).

So I still need to get a camera. It would probably be better if you can just send me one.  You know what you want me to have! Just send it to the mission office. We have Zone Conference is on the 19th, so I would be able to get it then.

I do approve of your torturing of the evil one (Cade).  Please continue. He deserves it.  And thanks for the picture of my woman (I sent him a picture from my cell-phone that I took of Emma Watson presenting at the Academy Awards – especially since she was presenting with Batman star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt).  She be lookin classy like she always do!

Anyways I gotta go, but I love you guys, and I will try and send you pictures soon! Have a great week! Love ya! Thank you!

Elder Austin Cassell


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