Celebrity for a Day (Berühmtheit für einen Tag)

P-day is going OK today.  We went to a funeral this morning. Then I ate a bunch of spicy Chinese food for lunch.  The funeral and everything took up most of our pday time, but it’s okay because we are going to be able to use some of that time later this week and go to the castle finally!   It’s always closed on Mondays, so this is our chance to finally go there and get our money’s worth!

This week was good, we managed to keep ourselves pretty busy. On Saturday we did about 5 hours of service doing yard work for a family in our ward.  Allergies aren’t too bad right now, although I did notice the other day that when I breath through my nose, the air only goes through one nostril. Is that normal???  On Thursday we had Zone Training in Nürnberg.  I  really can’t remember all that much that is interesting that we did this week. We were busy like all of the time, but it was all just stuff that I can’t really remember right now. I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff I should tell you.  Did you see the pics I sent of the Newspaper article?  I’ll try and get the newspaper sent to y’all at some point.

Coburg Newspaper Article

Coburg Newspaper Article


Thanks for sending the new camera!  I will let you know when I get it.  I can still take pictures with the camera that I have, it just takes a lot of preparation time. So I should be able to still get a bunch of pictures up at the castle.  And no, I really haven’t taken many pictures since the camera broke.  I uploaded the ones I have taken.

IMG_2460w IMG_2461Ew

I will answer your questions:

1)  No I did not celebrate Pancake Day, they apparently don’t celebrate it here, as far as I know.  (We started celebrating the British “Pancake Day” a few years ago with English-style pancakes – recipe and tradition courtesy of my Sister-in-Law, Sarah.  Sooooooooooooooo yummy!!!  We wondered if they celebrate it in Germany…guess not!)

2.)  My new calling is going great!   We had a meeting this week and I received all of my responsibilities/ things that I am in charge of. Basically all of the missionary stuff (no surprise there!), branch activities, the young men’s group, the young single adults, and then I just have to help conduct sacrament meetings and work with the finances.

3.) Elder Brander and I are getting along really well. We talk a lot, and plus we work really well together too, so it’s pretty dandy.

4.) Just told him.  (I told him to tell Elder Bradner to have his mom join the Frankfurt mission Facebook group that I started.)

5.) (Asked him if he had talked to his friend Ka’imi about his “Voodoo” experience he had on his mission in Brazil – no bueno!)   Yep, talked to him about it.  Some stuff like that happened in my old apartment in Saarbrücken.  Some missionaries played around with a Ouija board and crap started going down.  The apartment had to be rededicated – those Elders faced the wrath of President Schwartz!  You just don’t mess around with that stuff!  People think its just funny and innocent, but it definitely is NOT.  Especially for missionaries.

Hey well I gotta go, Talk to you next week! Love ya!

Elder Cassell



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