District P-Day at Kloyster Banz

March 17 –

Hey so you probably have noticed by now that I am emailing y’all rather late. That is because we had a fairly busy day, and then I just had a bunch of emailing to do, and not a lot of time to do it all in. Sorry that this email is going to probably be relatively short.

So for missionary work, we set a baptismal date for the 19th of April for Atiq yesterday. Hopefully it will be more set this time. He has a good testimony and really wants to get baptized. The only problem is that it is sometimes hard for him to remember some of the doctrinal points. But yeah, should be good. We also had a really good lesson with Karin this week about the Word of Wisdom, so hopefully she can work on quitting smoking.

Today we had a P-day with the rest of the district. We went to a big monastery in Bad Staffelstein, called “Kloyster Banz”. It was pretty cool. There weren’t any buses that drove up there, so we had to walk all of the way, which was a pretty long walk. It took a little over an hour to walk all of the way up there. But it was fun to just walk up there with all of the other Elders and the Sister Missionaries. Oh – and we did not get a chance to ever go to the veste (castle) this week. I don’t know when we are going to be able to do that. Probably next transfer if I stay here in Coburg.

IMG_2506ES P1160668EwP1160710EwP1160709EwIMG_2522ES P1160715EwP1160719EwIMG_2522ESwIMG_2530ESwIMG_2523Ew     P1160781Ew P1160795w    IMG_2550ESw


This week we have Zone Conference on Wednesday, so that’ll be good. Elder Dyches from the Quorum of the Seventy will be there, so that’ll be cool. And that is when I will be able to pick up my camera. We don’t get our new Mission President until June, so we will get to see President Schwartz.

Other random news: We got our kitchen finally, so that is good. We don’t have hot water in the kitchen, though. At least not for now. I conducted sacrament meeting yesterday, and that was pretty cool.

So yeah that is really about it on my end. I gotta go now, so talk to you next week. Hopefully then I will be able to write a better letter.

Love you!
Elder Austin Cassell

PS. Thanks for the Dieter/Dumbledore thing!



3 thoughts on “District P-Day at Kloyster Banz

  1. What a great blog! My son is in the MTC right now and will be heading to Frankfurt May 7th. His grandparents just returned from their mission there and he was able to visit them so he has a good idea of the mission. Seeing your posts really helps this mom out so that I am more excited than nervous for him. Your son looks like he is an amazing missionary! PS-I hope you don’t mind that I copied your image of the Frankfurt boundaries for our blog.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! He LOVES this mission so much. They ALL do!!! I will send you an invitation to our Frankfurt moms Facebook group I started a few months ago! It is SOOOOOO helpful!! I don’t mind you copying at all!


  2. Thank you so much! I’m connecting on Facebook today. I am sure the more we connect we can have this collective intelligence when the missionaries forget to write or take pictures.


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