New Apartment in Coburg & Splits in Bamburg

March 24 –

Zone Conference was pretty dandy. Elder Dyches from the Quorum of the Seventy was there, and he said some pretty nifty and cool stuff. And yes, I did get my camera. That sucka is huge! But oh so nice! Thanks a bunch! I will try to take some good pictures with it! I haven’t really done too much with it, because I don’t really want to start taking it outside with me until I manage to buy a case for it. (I received a later email stating that he found his old case, and it fit perfectly…boys!)

We do not have hot water for the sink yet, which is pretty lame, but whatever. We can cook in our kitchen now though. And yeah I will try to send you some new pictures of the apartment. We have cleaning checks this week, so I will get some pictures taken once the apartment looks all nice. The weather has been pretty random. Some days have been pretty nice and sunny, some a little chilly, and some just plain cold and rainy. The Ecco shoes are still trucking through. I am still wearing the first pair that I brought, and they are holding up pretty well. They are starting to tear a little bit just above the arch on the bottom of the shoe. But I am gonna wear them until they completely die.

We have a pretty busy week planned. The most interesting thing that I would say that we have planned is that we have a street display here in Coburg on Saturday. We just had one this last Saturday in Bamberg where we all went to help out. We also have transfer calls this Saturday, so there is a chance that I might leave Coburg. Despite the fact that I am the second counselor in the Branch, I feel like I could get transferred. I don’t know why, I just feel like I will. We’ll see. I’ll be happy either way.  I did not really get to talk to President at Zone Conference. I did talk to one Elder that had served here for a while, though, and when he asked about Coburg, it at one point came up that I was the second counselor, and he asked President if I was gonna be in Coburg forever. Then President said something like “Oh no, he is not going to be in Coburg as long as he thinks” while I was standing there. Then he turned and was like “oh Elder Cassell I didn’t know that you were listening” but he always makes jokes like that. He’s very cryptic.

Anyways I really don’t have much time left to email, actually like no time at all, so I am just gonna fill you in on some of the things that have been going on here:

This week was a pretty good week. On Friday I got to go on a split in Bamberg with Elder Jackson, and that was way fun! Elder Jackson is a fun guy to be with in general, but we also got to do some pretty cool stuff. We did a bunch of yard work for one of their investigators for a while, which was fun, and then they fed us some rouladden, which was way tasty! Then we had an appointment with their ward second counselor, who is from Africa, and he made us fufu! That was some way good food, and you eat it with your hands – which makes it way more fun! Then on Saturday we had a street display which was pretty fun. It was raining and windy like crazy, but we still got stuff done. Then yesterday we went to our ward mission leader’s house for lunch, and he made us sauerbraten, which was also way good! It was a good week for my belly!

That was pretty much all that happened this week. Not much else very interesting. This week should be pretty good, we have some good appointments, and are gonna be pretty busy almost all of the time the rest of the week, so that is good.
Well, I gotta go! Love y’all!

Elder Austin Cassell

Note:  He was able to upload some pics later in the week – so here is his new apartment, and pictures of the castle from the Bamberg Elders’ apartment!  It’s so beautiful!!!  New camera takes some nice pics!  🙂




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