March 31, 2014 – Coburg for Another Transfer

First – I’m sorry, I’ve been a total slacker and realized that I was SIX weeks behind on Austin’s blog!  So I apologize in advance for the barrage of posts all at once! 

Our week was pretty good. It was a little slow, but it was good. We had a bunch of appointments fall out, which was pretty lame. We had our street display on Saturday, and that went pretty good.

I’m pretty happy to stay in Coburg! I like this area. It’s pretty, good members, decent work, and Elder Brandner and I get along well. It’s just weird that I am going to hit my “One year until I finish my mission” date this transfer, and I am still only in my second area! But I am actually on track to have the “mission life” that most missionaries want; where you stay in 4 areas for 4 transfers each. So that would be cool. I just like to assume that I am so awesome that wards and branches just don’t want to let me go. (Lulz)  It depends a lot on the missionary and the need I think. There are a decent amount of missionaries in my group, for example, who are going into their 4th area this transfer. Some move around a lot, and others do not. Speaking of which my MTC comp, Elder Baker, just got made a Zone leader in Frankfurt this transfer, so that is weird. That’ll be his 4th area. Almost my entire district stayed the same this transfer. Only Sister Diethelm is leaving.

We are not sure about our investigator’s (name removed)  baptismal date. Theoretically, yes – it should stick. We just haven’t been able to meet with him for a while, because he has been in Munich (which is weird to say because the real German name for it is München). So we have an appointment this week with him, and we will see where we are at that point.

No I did not take any pictures of the Street display this week. I was too busy being rejected by Germans. Street displays are pretty difficult in Deutschland. Most people don’t let you get a word out when you try to talk to them. They usually just look away, put their hand up in front of their face and say something like “Ich bin schon Katholisch” or “Ich glaube nichts”. Like I only passed out 3 Books of Mormons, and I was the most successful of the Elders. The Sisters always give away a lot more. I feel that the street stuff is a lot easier for sisters.

We are gonna watch General Conference at the ward building. On Saturday night we watch Saturday morning live. Then on Sunday morning we watch Saturday afternoon & Priesthood sessions, and then Sunday morning we watch live. The missionaries never really get to watch Sunday afternoon. We usually just download them onto our flash drives and listen to them during companion studies or at nights during the rest of the week.

My German is still definitely not perfect, but it gets better all the time. Elder Brandner also has good German, but we usually just speak English to each other.

We didn’t really do much today. I looked for stuff to send you guys in my package, but I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t just crazy expensive. So I am probably just gonna end up just sending you guys chocolate or something.

We don’t get too many member appointments, so we usually just make food ourselves.

Well I gotta go now! Been dandy chit chatting with you people! Have a fantastic week! Frito, you have fun in Mexico! Get some real BRC’s and have fun in your little Frito home land!

Love ya! Tschüß!

Elder Austin Cassell


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