4/14/14: One Year To Go!


Hey. I’m emailing now if you are around. I should be able to upload more pictures later, but right now I am using the computer that is broken, and can’t do anything with flash drives, so I have to do that later. Thanks for the music. I’m listening to it right now.

We had a pretty lame p-day today, didn’t do anything cool. Just chilled. We had to go with a member to a hardware store to buy hoses for our washing machine. That’s about it.

So is Frito just gonna be alone with the Huba and Sheeba soon, since he’s gonna kill Cade and Blake, and you’re sicky? Haha.

We have a pretty busy week set in store, so that is good. We have a lot of service coming up, and we have a baptism on Friday. I am a little worried about whether or not he’s really ready to be baptized, but it’s not up to me. I just feel that there’s a lot that he still just doesn’t really grasp, and he only shows up to appointments like half of the time. Some other stuff too – it just worries me a bit.

I can’t believe my release date is a year from tomorrow. Crazy, right?

Karin is our only real other investigator that we meet with regularly, and she is doing well. She is basically a member because she comes to everything. We are mainly just trying to work on a couple of things, but there is definite progress. The people that we met at the restaurant are doing good, they’re awesome! We visit them almost every Tuesday night, and we talk with them for a little bit. They love us! Marissa, the owner, says that she is my Italian mama! They are so great!

Yeah I have a split with Elder Jackson tomorrow, so that will be good because he is a funny guy! We also are doing a bunch of service this week, so that is fun. This last Saturday we actually spent pretty much the whole day doing housework like sanding and sawing and stuff. Then they bought us pizza. So that was nice.

I am very happy here. I really love the Bayern part of Germany! It is spring/summer time and everything is so green and pretty! No – I haven’t eaten anything particularly bad in a long time. Just some boring things. We ate tuna pizza last week, that was pretty gross. But other than that, we eat pretty well.

I am still dead in the mornings. My companions always have to wake me up in the mornings, because I simply just sleep through everything. I don’t know if there is an alarm clock in the world that will wake me up. It drove Elder Rock crazy, but the rest of my comps didn’t really care. They would just throw stuff at me or something. I can’t help it – I sleep like the dead.

By the way, tell Cade that he needs a haircut. He be looking ridiculous. Oh – here’s an interesting fact: Voldemort’s name for “he who must not be named” is really long in German. It’s “der dessen Name nicht gennant werden darf” It makes me laugh.

Oh yeah, guess who has to give a 20 minute talk this week in chuch? This guy.  Yay being second counselor. Well I gotta go!  I’ll try and get some pictures to you! Love y’all!

District P-Day in Coburg

District P-Day in Coburg



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