4/22/14 – Camping on the Balcony

4/20 – Hey since tomorrow is a German holiday, everything will be closed, and most of the mission is moving their P-days to Tuesday. So I will be emailing you guys on Tuesday. That is all! Happy Easter! Hunt some eggs for me!

4/22 – Glad you had a nice Easter. P-day today was fine – just usual pday stuff of getting our groceries and stuff taken care of, and then chilling in the apartment. Yesterday we and the sisters had a Easter Monday lunch appointment with Sister Jacob. She made us a goulash with lamb and stag meat. Was pretty tasty.

Church on Easter was good. We had a lot more people there than usual, because you know, Easter. So we had basically everyone show up, and then a few less actives. I gave my twenty minute talk. Rocked it, of course. Then after church Elder Brandner and I had a lunch appointment with our Branch President and his family, which was really nice because I have never actually had an appointment with them before, and they are one of my favorite families. Germans pretty much do the same thing as we do for Easter. They do the Easter bunny thing, they color eggs, and all that stuff. But they have more Easter holidays. Friday, Sunday, and Monday are all national holidays, and that means that everything is shut down. Everything.

I got a good amount of candy and goodies from some of the members, so I was well taken care of in terms of candy.

My talk was about how the Atonement can save us all from spiritual death. It turned out pretty good. I used it to talk a lot about agency and repentance and love and stuff. I can’t really send it to you. Basically for my talks I prepare a decent amount mentally, get my ideas and basic pattern down, and then go up to the podium with like a page of a couple bullet points and scriptures, and then just kind of free ball it. That’s how I like to give talks. Everyone told me that I did a good job, that my German is good, that I’m relaxed and funny, etc. So it was good.

By the way I am uploading a bunch of pictures on the dropbox at the moment. Most of them are still from the Veste. What is Cade wanting to do about BYU anyways?

Well I gotta go, so I will leave you with just some of the stuff that happened this week:

We had a ton of service hours doing yard work, moving work, and cleaning work in three different member family’s homes. We are basically working like slaves up in here. During one of the service days, one of the member families hid little candies and eggs and stuff all over the yard for us to find before we started doing yard work for them. So that was fun!

We had the baptism on Saturday, and that all went good. Quite a few members came, and he was early and ready to go. He wore a tie for the first time, which he borrowed from Elder Brandner, and he borrowed a shirt from me. Then he took it off after he was confirmed on Sunday. I guess he doesn’t like the whole tie thing. Koffi gave him grief for that. Koffi is awesome! He always calls me his brotha, and he is a freaking awesome little member missionary! And he was stressing out hardcore this Sunday because he blessed the Sacrament for the first time in his life! He was so stressed out and nervous about it, but he did great!

We helped people move this week, and they grilled a bunch of German barbecue, which was really good! Lots of grilled sausages, pork steaks, and other tasty things! So that was definitely worth it!

And last night Elder Brandner and I decided to go camping. We took our beds out onto our balcony and slept outside for the night. The weather was actually really nice, so we were comfortable. The only part about it that didn’t end up being so good was the fact that the birds were super loud this morning. That annoyed me.

I think that that is pretty much everything interesting that happened this week. So gotta go! Love you!Camping



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