4/28/14: A Family Loss and President Schwartz

Thanks for telling me about Huba – I have been dreading this day. (We just had to put our 13-year old lab to sleep – and we were able to let Austin know right away.) I’m just happy that I am not there for it. I would be a wreck. I’m actually doing pretty well right now about it. Probably because I am not there to have to deal with it. I already knew that I wasn’t going to see him again when I left. I said goodbye to him already, so I’m OK.

We did pretty much nothing today. It was lame. We studied, then got groceries, then ate, then napped, then I worked on my flash cards/played with my 20Q/listened to music while Elder Brandner continued napping. Then we came here.

Transfer calls are this Saturday, so I will know by then what my future is. I really have no idea what is going to happen. President Schwartz came to church in Coburg yesterday, so I got to have an interview with him. And now I have no idea what is going to happen to me. We’ll find out. I’ll be happy either way.

It was cool that he was able to come to church here. It’s just strange because he knows or is related to about half of the members here, since this is the first ward he went to. I also got to lead Sacrament while he was here. So I had a little fun with it. I announced that he was here and told everyone that I didn’t have any problems with them going and telling him how great I am.

He laughed, but during my interview he told me that he saw it as a sign that I feel like I need to improve or something like that. I don’t know, I personally feel like it was just me making a joke because I’m like that. But President Schwartz knows how to read a soul pretty well, so he is kind of right in a sense. President gives really good interviews. He has a good balance on calling you to repentance, building you up, helping you out, and then motivating you to go out and be the best missionary that you can be. So I feel pretty motivated right now. Something that is funny about the interview, though, is that one of the things that we were talking about was how to keep me motivated to work my hardest, and he said that I needed a constant reminder to motivate me to do my best. So he took out his wallet, pulled out a €2 coin, and then put it in my sock, and then told me to walk around with that in my sock for a month, so that with every step I take I will be reminded to work hard. And then at the end of the month he told me that I need to take it and buy a Coburger bratwurst with it. That’s President for ya.

Well I am going to attempt to write a somewhat big letter describing all of the things that I was able to do this week, but we will see how it goes.

Tuesday we just had our p-day and then we went to Da M    ario’s, the Italian restaurant where we are loved. We were able to spend a little time there and get some pizza and talk to some people, so that was as lovely as ever.

On Wednesday we had an appointment with Jürgen, which was as interesting as ever. He gave us some metal CD’s and a VCR tape of some movie about the bible that he recorded for us during Easter. We haven’t watched it yet, but he was determined that we receive it because it is super valuable because the movie will never be seen again. Then we met with our new investigator, which went pretty good, and then we went and did some door at the Hochschule, which went pretty good. We found some new people and were able to hand out some Books of Mormon.

On Thursday we had district meeting in Bamberg, which was good. Then we just had some other appointments at the Hochschule that we went to.

Friday we went to a member’s garden (here in Germany if you have an apartment, and don’t have a garden, you can pay some money to have a garden on the outskirts of towns and cities where they have these little “garden neighborhoods” is I guess what you would call them) so we went to their garden and helped them for a few hours moving the stones in there and breaking up their concrete. So I got to use a jackhammer. I just forwarded you the picture. It was pretty fun. I felt like a manly man. Because I am. After working for a while we had an appointment with Karin, which went pretty well. After that we had volleyball, which was fun as usual. Elder Brandner accidently hit a 12 year old girl in the face…that part wasn’t so great.

Saturday we had a street display in Bamberg which ended up being ok. The weather was nice, and I was able to talk to a couple people. Not too many, though. Elders don’t usually have as much success at street displays, though, I feel. But we were able to help them out, so it was fun. After that we came back and did more yard work for the family, their name is the Wunderlich’s.

On Sunday we had chuch, interviews, and then weekly planning. I also cut my hair.

So all in all it was a pretty good week. I enjoyed it. We’ll see what will happen with transfer calls on Friday. Nobody in our district has any idea what will happen with Elder Brandner and me. Anything could happen.

Well I hope that you guys have an awesome week! I’ll let you know what happens!

Love ya!



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