Update from Koblenz

Hey Family!
So last Pday we just went around and checked out all of the stores and stuff in Koblenz. We basically just hung out. That’s probably what we are gonna do today as well.  We only have one investigator right now, his name is Klaus.  He has been investigating for about six months now or something like that. He’s a pretty interesting guy.  He’s really cool and very nice.
The ward is pretty cool. I feel like a decent amount of them like me so far, but I haven’t really been here too long. Still plenty of time to get the love around.  Well, I don’t really have a whole lot to say today.  I am being a little rushed so that we can go and try and do some stuff, so sorry that this letter is kind of lame. I really just don’t have a whole lot to talk about. This was a pretty boring week! We have mainly just spent our time going around and trying to find people, which just hasn’t been working too well. Hopefully we will find some people this week!
We had a Zone Training meeting in Mainz this week, that was cool. We have a cool zone, but there is only two districts. The four of us in Koblenz, and the twelve others in Mainz and Wiesbaden. So that is lame. We all feel a little like outcasts here in Koblenz. But at least the area is pretty, and we have a cool ward!
Oh yea that picture was taken from our apartment. And the ladies in the pictures were my Italian family, yes! I miss them!

Well I gotta go, I’ll send a better letter next week, I promise!
Love ya! Elder Austin Cassell

PS. President said that I could have lunch with Brad and the family!  (His Uncle Brad and Aunt MaryAnn will be cruising the Rhine, and one of their ports is Koblenz.  Austin asked permission from the Mission President to meet them when they get there!  So fun!!!  I can’t wait to see pictures!!)

Skyping for {Late} Mother’s Day!

We were able to Skype on Sunday, since he couldn’t do it on Mother’s Day.  It was awesome to see him, and to hear his awesome German!  We also were able to “meet” Elder Black, his companion.
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Hey Everyone,
It was good being able to skype y’all yesterday! It is just crazy that we only have one more time where I am gonna skype you guys. And then from that point it will only be about four months or so until you guys come and pick me up. That just feels weird. Time is going by way fast. I don’t know how I feel about that.

My new address is

Elder Austin Cassell
Emser Straße 8 56076
Koblenz Deutschland

Well not much has really changed since when I talked to y’all yesterday. I guess I’ll just tell you some of the things that we did this week. We did some super awesome finding and street contacting, but we didn’t really get any results from that. Lame. We had a meeting with Klaus which was good. We did some setting up and helping for a surprise birthday party of a member here. An American member here had her 50th birthday this week, and we helped get all of the stuff ready at the church, and then we were able to go. It was fun.  Lots of food, and normal music. I really enjoyed it!  Other than all of that, not really anything interesting has happened this week.

Today we are all hanging out for p-day. I’m not really sure what we are going to do, though. We’ll see. I’ll have to fill you in on that for my next email.

Things are going pretty good with all of the Elders here. I like em all. They are all pretty cool. We are just happy that Elder Sauve opened up a little bit, and is actually talking to all of us now.

Well that is really it on my end. Gotta write my letter to President, and then go do stuff!

Love ya! Elder Austin Cassell

Here are a few pictures from Coburg and a couple from Koblenz.

Austin’s District in Coburg

Austin’s German “Mom” in Coburg (the sweet lady that owns the restaurant they frequented)

Transfer Day

The Rhine – from my apartment.


Hey it is not my fault that I was transferred areas and there wasn’t any kind of plan already made out where we could skype!  You can blame the Elders and the members here! Well anyways it’s all good because we will be able to skype y’all next week. We are probably gonna end up doing it either here in the church or over at a member’s house. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Well anyways I did indeed arrive in Koblenz on Thursday. I actually did not have to leave too much of my crap behind. Just a couple of small things. I am an expert packer and was able to get all of my crap to fit into my suitcases. Probably because I played so much tetris back in the day. I was a little sad to leave Coburg, but I am happy to be able to come to Koblenz. We didn’t do anything in particularly special before I left Coburg. I said goodbye to some of the people that we know. I had a goodbye appointment with Karin before I left, and she bought me this cool mug that is all black, but then turns into a cool picture of Coburg once you add a hot liquid to it.

Koblenz is a really pretty area! It’s a different kind of pretty than Coburg was. I just really liked the train ride that we took from Frankfurt to Koblenz. We pretty much rode alongside the river all along the way there, and we could see a ton of castles, churches, forests, cliffs, and just a bunch of really cool and pretty things all along the way! This really is probably one of the most beautiful places in the mission! Probably in Germany, not gonna lie.

So I thought that the four Elders here would all be living in the same apartment, but I guess that someone had given me some outdated information. There are four elders here, but they have had two separate apartments for about two transfers or so. But luckily Elder Black and I live in the nicer apartment. It is on the Rhine, and has a really cool view of the city! It is also new so has all new stuff! And a dishwasher! That really made me happy! It’s been so long since I have used one of those things!

Elder Black seems like a good enough guy. Like all of my companions before him, he comes from Utah. There’s a shock. I really hope that my next companion comes from somewhere else! I’m gonna slap somebody if all of my companions come from Utah! This transfer is his sixth, so he has been out three transfers less than I have been. So I am the senior companion. It is strange being the senior companion. Now I seem to be the one that has to kind of know what to do and where to go, and take the phone when Elder Black cannot understand what somebody is saying. It is just funny!  I don’t know very much about Elder Black yet, but I think that we will get along fine.

The other two Elders in the area are Elder Burger and his golden Elder Sauve. Elder Burger is a little older than I am in terms of mission age, and seems like a pretty cool guy. Elder Sauve seems like he could be pretty cool, but we’ll see. Right now he just seems to be really shy and not very talkative. But that is how most goldens are at the beginning. Not me. I talked my head off since day one. All of my companions have said that I talk the most out of all of their companions, and hopefully Elder Black will say the same thing. But I guess he has had some pretty talkative companions in the past, so I have a challenge in store for me.

So far I really like the branch here! It’s funny because here we have about 80 or so active members, so the most amount of members that I have had so far in my areas, yet this is the only branch that I have had that has not had it’s own real building! We have a floor in a big office work building that we use. It is definitely not traditional, but it works. I like it. It’s actually pretty big, and looks pretty good. I’ll try and get you guys pictures. But the members all seem pretty cool! On Saturday we had a soccer game activity thing that some of the members showed up to, with some less actives and some non members, and it was pretty good. It just reaffirmed the fact that I really tend to suck at soccer. I don’t like that sport. Which is unfortunate because all of Germany loves the stupid sport. Anyways we have had some good termines “meetings” (Austin is now throwing in random German words apparently!) so far with some of the members, so that is good. I am hoping that we will have some more member appointments this week.

The one thing that really isn’t all that great about this area is the fact that we only have one investigator at the moment. I haven’t met him yet, so I don’t really know anything about him. But basically we are going to be spending a lot of time trying to find some new investigators. Yay. But it’s all good.

And next week I will ask President Schwartz if I could meet with Brad and Maryann when they come down here! That’d be cool! It shouldn’t be a problem. Elder Rock was able to go have lunch with his sister at some point when she came through Germany. So I’m guessing meeting an uncle and his family would be fine! So you can tell them that they could come meet with us if they want to!  (Brian’s brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces are cruising the Rhine, and happen to be stopping in Koblenz!)

Well I think that is really all I have to report on for the week. I guess I will talk to you guys on Sunday! Does that time go for you?  Just email me when you guys have time, and I will try to email you guys around that time.

Well gotta go! Love you! See you on Sunday!

PS:  Thanks for telling me about Ka’imi, I was able to write to him.  It really sucks.  Keep me updated on him and how he’s doing.
EltzCastle3  Schloss_Stolzenfels_Koblenz Koblenz3 55531413 55531068 stolzenfels_castle-koblenz-flrs-foto

May 5th, 2014 – A Transfer to Koblenz!

5/3: Hey I am getting transferred! I’m going to Koblenz, and I will be serving with Elder Black. I haven’t really heard anything about the area or my new comp.  All I’ve heard is that the area is pretty, and that apparently I will be living with four elders! We’ll see!

5/5: It’s 7:30 here, and we have to do emails and get all of our stuff taken care of early this morning, so that we can catch the 11:20 train to Bamberg so that we can have district pday. Elder Wojahn, one of the Elders in my district, is going home on Thursday. So for his last p-day he wanted everyone to come down, so that we can go to the castle in Bamberg, and then all play frisbee. I’ve decided that I am going to wear my lederhosen. (my response was “oh no – you wouldn’t!” ) Oh doch. I am. And it will be awesome! It’s my last pday to really do it. In Bayern it’s at least somewhat common. Everywhere else I’d just be looking like a fool.
I’m fairly sad to leave Coburg, but I am pretty excited to go to Koblenz. I haven’t really heard much about the place. Just that it is really pretty, and that apparently I live with three other Elders. And I know absolutely nothing about Elder Black. Nobody that I have talked to has heard of him, so I am guessing that he is a younger missionary.

They did announce who were the senior and junior comps during the transfer calls, but I didn’t hear it. I was surprised that I was leaving, I thought I would stay. All of a sudden I just heard “and he will be joined by Elder Castle” – so it took me a second to realize that that was me, and all I heard was that it was in Koblenz. Somebody else in the district had to tell me that I was with Elder Black.

The branch seemed to all be pretty sad. A bunch of people said that they would miss me, that I was funny, that I gave good talks, that I was so cheerful, etc. My branch president was pretty shocked that I got transferred. I think that he thought that I was gonna stay for a little while longer. We had an appointment yesterday with a part-member family that we have helped a lot, and their 8 year old daughter said that I was the best missionary that they ever had, and that I need to move back to Coburg after the mission, and then marry her when she turns 23. Somehow I don’t think that that is going to work out.

She’s a cute little thing. I got a picture of her hanging on to my arm telling me that I was not allowed to be transferred. I’m uploading that and a few other pictures on dropbox, by the way.

Yeah you told about everyone. It’s weird that all of your friends get married while you are on a mission. It’s a stereotype, but it is so true! But in preparation for my imminent return, who are the babes of Flower Mound at the moment? lulz
I think that Cade will like BYU. Everyone loves Lord of the Rings. He’ll be okay.

By the way, something that I have learned from you, my dear mother: I am good at taking pictures for people. People suck at taking pictures for me. I always make sure that I get good lighting, don’t cut off people’s heads, get good positioning and angles, etc. And everyone else seems to not know that.

I don’t have any idea when I can skype on Mother’s Day. I am pretty much just gonna have to try and figure stuff out once I get into Koblenz.

So anything else going on this week? And has Kira acted any different now that A-Rod is gone?  I was pretty sad, but I handled it better than I thought I would. I guess like ever since I left I knew that someday I would get that email, so I had already been built up and ready for it. It’s almost like a relief, to be honest. It’s over for me I guess. It’s just weird. It’s really weird now when people ask me how many pets I have. But whatever.

Something strange that has happened on my mission is that I still am like a stone when it comes to crying about sad things. But I seem to be getting more crying sensitive to like touching things. I haven’t cried yet on my mission, but I get close sometimes. It’s annoying. I had to hold back some tears the other day while listening to the How to Train your Dragon soundtrack. And the Harry Potter soundtrack. What the heck. This mission is making me go all soft, and I don’t like it.
I take pride in the fact that I do not cry. It means that I am awesome and a man. Tell Blake that I am proud of him!

I think that Wednesday night I will be overnighting in Würzburg. And then Thursday morning I will catch the train to take me to Frankfurt, and from there I will go to Koblenz. Elder Newell will be replacing me. From my district Elder Wojahn is going home, Elder King is going to Bonn, Elder Palmer is moving into the other apartment in Bamberg, and Elder Jackson is getting a golden.

So other things that happened this week: we celebrated Elder Brandner’s year mark by going to a Chinese buffet. It was tasty but expensive. Bamberg had a baptism here in Coburg on Saturday. That’s pretty much everything interesting. But now I gotta go! Talk to y’all later! Love y’all!