Skyping for {Late} Mother’s Day!

We were able to Skype on Sunday, since he couldn’t do it on Mother’s Day.  It was awesome to see him, and to hear his awesome German!  We also were able to “meet” Elder Black, his companion.
2014-05-18 08.51.07-1 2014-05-18 10.03.42-1
Hey Everyone,
It was good being able to skype y’all yesterday! It is just crazy that we only have one more time where I am gonna skype you guys. And then from that point it will only be about four months or so until you guys come and pick me up. That just feels weird. Time is going by way fast. I don’t know how I feel about that.

My new address is

Elder Austin Cassell
Emser Straße 8 56076
Koblenz Deutschland

Well not much has really changed since when I talked to y’all yesterday. I guess I’ll just tell you some of the things that we did this week. We did some super awesome finding and street contacting, but we didn’t really get any results from that. Lame. We had a meeting with Klaus which was good. We did some setting up and helping for a surprise birthday party of a member here. An American member here had her 50th birthday this week, and we helped get all of the stuff ready at the church, and then we were able to go. It was fun.  Lots of food, and normal music. I really enjoyed it!  Other than all of that, not really anything interesting has happened this week.

Today we are all hanging out for p-day. I’m not really sure what we are going to do, though. We’ll see. I’ll have to fill you in on that for my next email.

Things are going pretty good with all of the Elders here. I like em all. They are all pretty cool. We are just happy that Elder Sauve opened up a little bit, and is actually talking to all of us now.

Well that is really it on my end. Gotta write my letter to President, and then go do stuff!

Love ya! Elder Austin Cassell

Here are a few pictures from Coburg and a couple from Koblenz.

Austin’s District in Coburg

Austin’s German “Mom” in Coburg (the sweet lady that owns the restaurant they frequented)

Transfer Day

The Rhine – from my apartment.


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