Update from Koblenz

Hey Family!
So last Pday we just went around and checked out all of the stores and stuff in Koblenz. We basically just hung out. That’s probably what we are gonna do today as well.  We only have one investigator right now, his name is Klaus.  He has been investigating for about six months now or something like that. He’s a pretty interesting guy.  He’s really cool and very nice.
The ward is pretty cool. I feel like a decent amount of them like me so far, but I haven’t really been here too long. Still plenty of time to get the love around.  Well, I don’t really have a whole lot to say today.  I am being a little rushed so that we can go and try and do some stuff, so sorry that this letter is kind of lame. I really just don’t have a whole lot to talk about. This was a pretty boring week! We have mainly just spent our time going around and trying to find people, which just hasn’t been working too well. Hopefully we will find some people this week!
We had a Zone Training meeting in Mainz this week, that was cool. We have a cool zone, but there is only two districts. The four of us in Koblenz, and the twelve others in Mainz and Wiesbaden. So that is lame. We all feel a little like outcasts here in Koblenz. But at least the area is pretty, and we have a cool ward!
Oh yea that picture was taken from our apartment. And the ladies in the pictures were my Italian family, yes! I miss them!

Well I gotta go, I’ll send a better letter next week, I promise!
Love ya! Elder Austin Cassell

PS. President said that I could have lunch with Brad and the family!  (His Uncle Brad and Aunt MaryAnn will be cruising the Rhine, and one of their ports is Koblenz.  Austin asked permission from the Mission President to meet them when they get there!  So fun!!!  I can’t wait to see pictures!!)

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