Terrible Parents

Where is my email???
Well you people suck and didn’t send me an email, but I guess I will write you a quick email. Even though y’all don’t deserve it because you didn’t send me jack!  (I was picking up my Sister in California, and after 24 hours of driving without much sleep at all, I passed out and forgot to email!  I did email first thing in the morning!)

This week was pretty good, we have a new investigator named Sampson, who is pretty cool. We had our last Zone Conference with President Schwartz on Thursday, which was really good. I think that everyone is pretty sad that he is gone, but we are all pretty excited to meet President Stoddard. We have another Zone Conference this Wednesday, so I will be able to meet him then.

Thursday Germany played against the US. We got to watch part of the game at a members house, so we watched the second half. That was a super lame game! I don’t know if y’all have really been watching the World Cup, but it is huge here! I am definitely going to be more into soccer when I go home! It’s just cool how the whole world pretty much comes together for this one sport!

I got to hang out with Brad and the family last week, as you probably saw. That was really fun! I thought it would be totally weird, but it actually didn’t feel weird at all! It was good to see them! And I got beef jerky and a really good dinner (I got a steak!), so I was definitely happy about that!  Make sure to thank them again for me!

Cassell's Koblenz2 photo 3

Well that is pretty much it on my end. Y’all better have a good excuse for not sending me an email! Send me one soon and let me know what is going on over there!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell


New Companion

Hey people!

So not a whole lot has really happened this week.  I am now officially serving with Elder Möller!  (I realized that I spelled it wrong last time.)  He seems like a pretty cool guy. I think that we are gonna get along pretty well together. I haven’t been teasing him too much because he is Canadian. A little bit, of course, but not too much. I mainly just tease him for the fact that he does not have the right and privilege to say that he comes from America. That and the fact that he pronounces some words funny. Like he pronounces “bag” as “beg” or “dragon” as “draygon”. It is pretty funny!  But he is great, and likes to work hard, so we are gonna hopefully see a lot of cool stuff happening.

We didn’t have a ton of stuff going on this week. Just a lot of planning, coordinating, packing, unpacking, and finding. Not too much. We don’t have too many investigators at the moment, but we are doing ok. Better than the other Elders, they pretty much have nobody that they are working with.

Things have been getting a little more interesting here with the whole world cup thing that is going on right now. On German game days you see just tons of people wearing German flags, dyed hair, Afros, make-up on their faces, and they usually are drinking. We have a big public viewing area in the middle of the city for people to gather and to watch. They get really into soccer here. But that is pretty much the world in general.

I’m really tired today, by the way. We finally moved back into our apartment this week, but we actually had to have the other Elders overnight with us last night, because they had left their phone in a member’s car, and needed to stay with us in case they needed to talk to anybody. So we stayed up a little later than normal last night.  It was fun, though.

Good that y’all got the packages that I sent you. So what did y’all end up liking and not liking from the food and stuff? I tried to get just a little bit of everything.


The Package that Elder Cassell sent us from Coburg, Germany

About your question about missionaries leaving early, it happens sometimes here, but not too frequently. We just lose a few. Usually because of stress reasons. Somebody told me that our mission was supposedly the most stressful mission in the world, from some poll that we all did a few months ago. I don’t know if that is true, though. But it very well could be.  But I love it!!!  It’s the best mission in the world.

Well that is all I got! Have fun with the kids and everybody!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

Overnights, Street Display and Trampoline Time

Sup People!

So on the golden result, unfortunately I will not be training this transfer. I was a little disappointed, but I’m totally okay with it now! My job is to be a missionary and be awesome and go help the Germans! So that is what I am gonna do, rather than think of myself and what I want. Because my mission is not about me. I’ll train someday.

Some good news, though, is that I am getting a new comp!  I am going to be serving with Elder Müller, who is from my group. I don’t know him too well, but he seems like a cool guy. And he’s not from Utah! He’s a Canadian! I am going to have way too much fun making fun of him! But it’ll be good! I’m excited for this next transfer! And Elder Burger and Elder Sauve are staying, so that makes me happy. I like both of them a lot! It’s been a good week overnighting there.

So we have been overnighting there all this last week because of the hot water thing. It got fixed on Thursday, and then we overnighted all of the other nights because we had bought all of our food for the week there. So we were there all week. It has been lots of fun! Studying definitely hasn’t been the greatest, but we have been trying!

We had a pretty good week. We kept busy and worked hard trying to find people, which went okay. We had a street display on Saturday which turned out actually pretty good, considering it was only the four of us. We gave out 19 books of Mormon, which was nice. I just wish that we had been able to get more contact information. But it’s all good!

We went to an appointment with our Branch President and his family yesterday which was way good!  They made us a bunch of hamburgers, we talked a lot, we jumped on a trampoline, and then we gave a spiritual thought. I have some pictures that I will have to send to you. I haven’t been to my apartment in a while, though, so I do not have my thing so that I can send you pictures. I promise I will send a bunch next week!


Well that has pretty much been my week. Good to hear that all is going well in good ol’ Texas. Keep me posted on life!

Love y’all!

Elder Austin Cassell

Rüdesheim and Fun Times with 4 Elders

Sup People!

Alright well I am going to try and just answer questions at first so that I do not forget to write them later, so here I go!

Transfer calls are on Saturday, so I will know by then if I will train or not. I have no idea. Elder Black has been here for four transfers already, so he is probably out of here. We will just have to see. I would love to train, though, but we will see.

I didn’t really get to get any pictures of the Temple, no. We were supposed to go to the roman thing, and then come back, and I was gonna take pictures then, but there was some miscommunications, so we ended up just leaving from the Roman stuff back to Koblenz. I was a little upset about it, but it’s all good. Another time. It takes a little over an hour to get from Koblenz to the Temple.

Last P-day we went to a place called Rüdesheim which was pretty cool. It’s just a small little old city on the Rhein with a really cool view, statues, and hiking trails and stuff. We were supposed to play capture the flag with the whole zone, but we didn’t have enough time. We just hiked mainly. It was still fun, though.

Today we didn’t have P-day because we went to the Temple last week, and the rule then is that when we go to the temple that takes up our p-day time for the next p-day. Except we had zone p-day last week, so we had to move our no-p-day p-day to today. But we have to go grocery shopping tomorrow, since today is a holiday.

So we are indeed still living with the other Elders. It took us forever to get into contact with our landlord, and once we did, she told us that the repairman for the apartment will be in Köln (Cologne) until this week. So we have no idea when we are gonna move back into our apartment. So we have been just over-nighting with the other Elders since the heater broke. That has been both really good and really bad at the same time. Really good because I love it, and it is a lot of fun, because I get along with Elder Burger and Elder Sauve really well, but really bad because it has been harder to stay focused and be obedient to all of the time rules that we have. But we are trying, so that is good. There’s a saying in the mission. “Two elders is a companionship, three elders is a drit, and four elders is a party.” I can now confirm that this is true.

We didn’t have a whole lot go on this week outside of that. We met with Daniel, our new investigator this week, and that was good! He is a way cool guy, and we are meeting with him again tomorrow. We also had a couple of member appointments which is always nice. Other than that we just spent most of the week finding, planning, and trying to get things squared out with our apartment. Not too many interesting stories regarding all of that, though. Yesterday though we went contacting and we were walking on the sidewalk and a group of guys our age were driving pretty fast down towards us and one of them had his hand sticking out and yelling at us to give him a high five. I totally did it. It hurt. My arm was sore for a little while afterwards, and the guy yelled “OWW” after he drove buy and then they started honking and cheering a bunch. It was funny. I don’t think that they expected me to do it, though! They were wrong.

Well that is really all that I have had going on this week! Talk to you next week! Catch y’all on the flipside!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

Friedrichsdorf and A Busted Water Heater

Hey, so I do not have a ton of time to write, because we actually have to go to a zone p-day today, but I will try and write as much as I can!

This week was okay. We had a lot of finding time where most of our days were pretty blank, so we just went out and started talking to people. It went okay. We did get a cool guy’s address and we have an appointment with him this Wednesday, so that will be good. Other than that we really didn’t have too much success. Gave out our number a lot, and gave out a few copies of the book of Mormon, but that’s pretty much it.

On Thursday we had a big ward trip where we all went to the Friedrichsdorf Temple. That was fun. We played Uno all the way there in the big bus that the ward rented, and then we had an endowment session at the temple. That was strange. It was the first time that the whole thing was in German.  I understood pretty much all of it, though, so that was good! Then the ward went to a cool old Roman fortress. You know me, that was right up my little alley. I got some pictures of it, but I will have to get them to you next week probably because I don’t have enough time today.

On Saturday our hot water heater busted, so now we have no hot water in our apartment which is super lame. It’s also leaking like crazy. Elder Black was able to make a little slide contraption thing that lets all of the water drain into our bathtub, so that solves the leaking problem. But we have over-nighted at the other Elder’s apartment the last two days because we don’t want to shower in the cold. And because when we use the water at all it makes the thing leak even more. So that has been fun. We’ve stayed up a little later than we are supposed to just hanging out and stuff. I really like the Elders in this area, it is fun.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed story time with Elder Cassell, but now I have got to go, so that the other guys can use the computer!

Love you!

Elder Austin Cassell