Friedrichsdorf and A Busted Water Heater

Hey, so I do not have a ton of time to write, because we actually have to go to a zone p-day today, but I will try and write as much as I can!

This week was okay. We had a lot of finding time where most of our days were pretty blank, so we just went out and started talking to people. It went okay. We did get a cool guy’s address and we have an appointment with him this Wednesday, so that will be good. Other than that we really didn’t have too much success. Gave out our number a lot, and gave out a few copies of the book of Mormon, but that’s pretty much it.

On Thursday we had a big ward trip where we all went to the Friedrichsdorf Temple. That was fun. We played Uno all the way there in the big bus that the ward rented, and then we had an endowment session at the temple. That was strange. It was the first time that the whole thing was in German.  I understood pretty much all of it, though, so that was good! Then the ward went to a cool old Roman fortress. You know me, that was right up my little alley. I got some pictures of it, but I will have to get them to you next week probably because I don’t have enough time today.

On Saturday our hot water heater busted, so now we have no hot water in our apartment which is super lame. It’s also leaking like crazy. Elder Black was able to make a little slide contraption thing that lets all of the water drain into our bathtub, so that solves the leaking problem. But we have over-nighted at the other Elder’s apartment the last two days because we don’t want to shower in the cold. And because when we use the water at all it makes the thing leak even more. So that has been fun. We’ve stayed up a little later than we are supposed to just hanging out and stuff. I really like the Elders in this area, it is fun.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed story time with Elder Cassell, but now I have got to go, so that the other guys can use the computer!

Love you!

Elder Austin Cassell


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