Overnights, Street Display and Trampoline Time

Sup People!

So on the golden result, unfortunately I will not be training this transfer. I was a little disappointed, but I’m totally okay with it now! My job is to be a missionary and be awesome and go help the Germans! So that is what I am gonna do, rather than think of myself and what I want. Because my mission is not about me. I’ll train someday.

Some good news, though, is that I am getting a new comp!  I am going to be serving with Elder Müller, who is from my group. I don’t know him too well, but he seems like a cool guy. And he’s not from Utah! He’s a Canadian! I am going to have way too much fun making fun of him! But it’ll be good! I’m excited for this next transfer! And Elder Burger and Elder Sauve are staying, so that makes me happy. I like both of them a lot! It’s been a good week overnighting there.

So we have been overnighting there all this last week because of the hot water thing. It got fixed on Thursday, and then we overnighted all of the other nights because we had bought all of our food for the week there. So we were there all week. It has been lots of fun! Studying definitely hasn’t been the greatest, but we have been trying!

We had a pretty good week. We kept busy and worked hard trying to find people, which went okay. We had a street display on Saturday which turned out actually pretty good, considering it was only the four of us. We gave out 19 books of Mormon, which was nice. I just wish that we had been able to get more contact information. But it’s all good!

We went to an appointment with our Branch President and his family yesterday which was way good!  They made us a bunch of hamburgers, we talked a lot, we jumped on a trampoline, and then we gave a spiritual thought. I have some pictures that I will have to send to you. I haven’t been to my apartment in a while, though, so I do not have my thing so that I can send you pictures. I promise I will send a bunch next week!


Well that has pretty much been my week. Good to hear that all is going well in good ol’ Texas. Keep me posted on life!

Love y’all!

Elder Austin Cassell


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