New Companion

Hey people!

So not a whole lot has really happened this week.  I am now officially serving with Elder Möller!  (I realized that I spelled it wrong last time.)  He seems like a pretty cool guy. I think that we are gonna get along pretty well together. I haven’t been teasing him too much because he is Canadian. A little bit, of course, but not too much. I mainly just tease him for the fact that he does not have the right and privilege to say that he comes from America. That and the fact that he pronounces some words funny. Like he pronounces “bag” as “beg” or “dragon” as “draygon”. It is pretty funny!  But he is great, and likes to work hard, so we are gonna hopefully see a lot of cool stuff happening.

We didn’t have a ton of stuff going on this week. Just a lot of planning, coordinating, packing, unpacking, and finding. Not too much. We don’t have too many investigators at the moment, but we are doing ok. Better than the other Elders, they pretty much have nobody that they are working with.

Things have been getting a little more interesting here with the whole world cup thing that is going on right now. On German game days you see just tons of people wearing German flags, dyed hair, Afros, make-up on their faces, and they usually are drinking. We have a big public viewing area in the middle of the city for people to gather and to watch. They get really into soccer here. But that is pretty much the world in general.

I’m really tired today, by the way. We finally moved back into our apartment this week, but we actually had to have the other Elders overnight with us last night, because they had left their phone in a member’s car, and needed to stay with us in case they needed to talk to anybody. So we stayed up a little later than normal last night.  It was fun, though.

Good that y’all got the packages that I sent you. So what did y’all end up liking and not liking from the food and stuff? I tried to get just a little bit of everything.


The Package that Elder Cassell sent us from Coburg, Germany

About your question about missionaries leaving early, it happens sometimes here, but not too frequently. We just lose a few. Usually because of stress reasons. Somebody told me that our mission was supposedly the most stressful mission in the world, from some poll that we all did a few months ago. I don’t know if that is true, though. But it very well could be.  But I love it!!!  It’s the best mission in the world.

Well that is all I got! Have fun with the kids and everybody!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell


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