Terrible Parents

Where is my email???
Well you people suck and didn’t send me an email, but I guess I will write you a quick email. Even though y’all don’t deserve it because you didn’t send me jack!  (I was picking up my Sister in California, and after 24 hours of driving without much sleep at all, I passed out and forgot to email!  I did email first thing in the morning!)

This week was pretty good, we have a new investigator named Sampson, who is pretty cool. We had our last Zone Conference with President Schwartz on Thursday, which was really good. I think that everyone is pretty sad that he is gone, but we are all pretty excited to meet President Stoddard. We have another Zone Conference this Wednesday, so I will be able to meet him then.

Thursday Germany played against the US. We got to watch part of the game at a members house, so we watched the second half. That was a super lame game! I don’t know if y’all have really been watching the World Cup, but it is huge here! I am definitely going to be more into soccer when I go home! It’s just cool how the whole world pretty much comes together for this one sport!

I got to hang out with Brad and the family last week, as you probably saw. That was really fun! I thought it would be totally weird, but it actually didn’t feel weird at all! It was good to see them! And I got beef jerky and a really good dinner (I got a steak!), so I was definitely happy about that!  Make sure to thank them again for me!

Cassell's Koblenz2 photo 3

Well that is pretty much it on my end. Y’all better have a good excuse for not sending me an email! Send me one soon and let me know what is going on over there!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell


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