Staying in Koblenz!

Sup Eltern!Well I guess to first off answer Frito’s question, my suitcase is doing pretty well. I personally like the shell type. Especially the ones with four wheels, it helps a lot as a missionary and on transfer days.

And then for transfer news, I am staying in Koblenz with Elder Möller for another transfer, which is what I was assuming. I’m happy to be here, though. We get along well, and I really like Koblenz. All of us are staying except for Elder Sauve. He is going to Aachen, and being replaced by Elder Renn. And yeah, Ockey is “dying” (missionary speak for going home). It’s funny that I never saw him!

And then to answer Frito’s questions about the branch, the branch here is pretty cool. They have a list for feeding the missionaries, so every Sunday we have some kind of a member appointment, which is nice. We all actually got to have lunch with a member this week, which was awesome! He took us all to a nice cafe, and ordered us all steaks! They were super good! I got a rump steak smothered in onions and a garlic herb sauce, and it was super tasty! And for dessert he got us all banana splits! We were all super full and happy the rest of the day! All the members are actually pretty cool. We have two young men. One is 17, and the other is 14. They are both good kids, and are pretty cool. We are playing rugby with them sometime within the next few weeks, so that’ll be fun!

Not too much interesting happened this week. We played more basketball, made some more friends who we are going to be playing with again this Thursday. On Saturday we did a lot of yard work for a family, and that was pretty good. It had been a while since I did some yard work! It’s funny that I have gotten to the point in my life where I actually enjoy doing yard work. So I’m ready to help the Frito out in the yard when I come back!

But really not too much happened this week. One of our investigators, (name removed) is on vacation in Spain for a month, so that kinda sucks. We got to meet with him this week, though, so that was great. We also got to meet with our other investigator, which was good.  Small steps…

Well that is pretty much all from me, I’ll talk to you next week!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

Ps. I’ll send you pictures next week. Elder Sauve borrowed my memory card so that he could send pictures to his family, so I don’t have it at the moment.

Pss. I don’t really have anything in particular that I want for my birthday. Probably just money so that I can get something cool here.


Hot and Humid in Koblenz!

Sup People!

I’m probably not going to buy myself a jersey. Do you know how expensive those suckers are?!  Like 80€!  If you could find a cheap one online or something, that’d be cool. Then I could just have one for after the mission.

That is strange that you were able to find those candies in the dollar store. I thought that they were pretty much only available in Deutschland. But that is cool!  Good to know I can get some after my mission.

I’m glad everything is going pretty well with y’all and the kids. They are not in school yet, are they? What do you guys actually do with them most of the time, other than go swimming? So are you gonna fix the dragon puppet for Lainey? That is funny that she was able to find that thing, and that she wants it! She is going through a big dragon phase right now, right?   I feel like I probably have a whole bunch of random dragon stuff hidden somewhere in my room! Is Blake living in my room, by the way? Or is Tracy? Where am I gonna sleep when I get back?  The couch? I don’t really care, though. I just want to swim. That has been what I have wanted to do all week! It has been so hot out here lately! I think that it has mainly been the humidity! All I know is that it has been a pain in the butt going to bed lately because it gets so hot in our apartment. But I survive! Barely, but I do.

We haven’t really had too much interesting happen this week. It has been pretty normal/chill. Unfortunately we did not get to meet with many of our investigators this week just because of time problems. But they all seem to be doing pretty well!  We still have been playing a lot of basketball lately, which has been fun and has been great for finding new people! I am definitely out of practice, though. I just hope we can start doing more teaching.  But that’s just the way it is here in Germany.  A lot of socializing and service stuff, but teaching is harder.  I feel like we were able to do a lot more teaching in the other areas I have served in.  We are starting from scratch here, but I like this area, and I’m just happy to be here and serving the German people.

We had a street display on Saturday. It went okay. We gave out a decent amount of Books of Mormon, but we didn’t get any contact information from anyone, which was disappointing.  But overall things are going pretty well!  I’m happy!

We have transfer calls this Saturday, so we will see what happens to me!

Well y’all have a good week! Talk to you next week!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

(Courtesy of another missionary mom)

Elder Cassell’s Zone

Random Pics

Random Pics


Street Display

Street Display

Deutschland ist Weltmeister!!!

Deutschland ist Weltmeister!!!

germany world cup soccer shirt - 12239 - world cup 2014 - germany soccer shirt - 2014 world cup insp-f54513
It’s pretty dang cool that we won! We couldn’t really watch any of the game, since the game started at 9:00 at night. Elder Möller and I did get to watch part of it last night, though, as we were waiting for a bus. So that was cool! And then we had Klaus, our investigator, send us updates about the game. We didn’t need any texts to let us know who won, though. We definitely could tell. We could hear the partying and celebrations until like 3 in the morning. Everyone basically just drives around and honk their horns the entire night. We couldn’t really see anything going on, though. We heard some fireworks, and just heard the horns and screaming! Crazy! I really wanted to go out and check things out, but I decided it would probably be best to stay inside and be an obedient little missionary!

We had a decent week this week. We met with all three of our investigators again, which was good. It’s nice to have investigators again! We also played a lot of basketball this week! We have a decent amount of basketball friends at the moment! On Saturday we played at a big indoor gym, which is really hard to find in Germany, with a bunch of people. It ended up being the four of us Elders and about 7 other guys. And we are gonna play again with them this week, but they are gonna bring more people! So that is cool! We also were able to meet with our other investigator this week, which was good. This guy is so funny!   His apartment is like something out of the Big bang theory! It’s awesome! And we are playing with him again this week. So right now we have a bunch of friends. We just need to start really teaching them!  The social part is great, but it would be awesome to really have someone to really teach!

We had our interviews with President Stoddard (new Mission President) this week, which was way cool!  It was pretty much a get to know you interview, though. He just asked me where I’m from, what I did before the mission, how long I’ve been out, etc.  Something interesting, though, is that they have been to Flower Mound!  He helped his youngest daughter and her family move into Flower Mound around a year ago. I don’t know what ward they are in, but their names are the Newell’s (Knewells however you spell it, I’m not sure). That would be funny if you guys know them! But so far I like President Stoddard a lot, I think that he will be good!

Not much else too interesting has happened this week, though. Pretty normal.

Good to know that things are going pretty good with Tracy and the kids. And you didn’t have any air conditioning…I wonder what that would be like. Oh wait, that is Germany!  And that’s funny, I was just thinking like two days ago about how Big Brother would be starting up soon.  Good so far?

Well I gotta go! Have a good week! Love ya!

Elder Austin Cassell

New Mission President

Sup Eltern!I guess that I will forgive y’all for not emailing me last week. Y’all are lucky that I am on a mission and am learning to be all forgiving and Christ-like, and whatnot.

My week was not too terribly interesting. On Monday we had p-day and family home evening, so that was good. On Tuesday we got to meet with one of our investigators named Daniel.  We spent a decent amount of time this week playing basketball at this one court, trying to make basketball friends that will someday become investigators. It went pretty good, we got a couple dude’s numbers, and they want to call us to play again sometime. We’ll see if anything happens.

Wednesday we got to meet with another investigator, which was pretty good, he is an interesting guy. He’s pretty cool.s he is just way strange.

We didn’t do anything to celebrate the fourth of July. We did get to go to a public viewing of the Germany vs. France game, though! That was cool! We got the permission from President Stoddard to go with Klaus and his friend! Then on the way home I chest bumped a random guy on the street. Such is my life.Oh yeah and we got to meet with President Stoddard last week at a big welcome zone conference. He seems like he will be a really good mission president. He seems very genuine and cool. And he is a major pediatrician from Utah, so that is cool. (Austin has an interest in going into pediatrics.)

We also got to meet with another investigator on Saturday, and that was good. His name is Sampson, and he is a really nice guy, who is pretty sad, and definitely needs the gospel in his life, so I am hoping that we will really be able to help him out.  The Gospel really brings happiness – he needs it in his life.

Not too much else terribly interesting going on here. I’m still loving my mission, and I’m getting along well with Elder Möller.

Good to hear that all is going well with the move in of Tracy and the kids! Have fun with them! But just make sure that they are all aware that I will be the favorite when I come home. That’s just how it is.

Well gotta go! Love ya! Have an awesome week!

LG Elder Cassell