New Mission President

Sup Eltern!I guess that I will forgive y’all for not emailing me last week. Y’all are lucky that I am on a mission and am learning to be all forgiving and Christ-like, and whatnot.

My week was not too terribly interesting. On Monday we had p-day and family home evening, so that was good. On Tuesday we got to meet with one of our investigators named Daniel.  We spent a decent amount of time this week playing basketball at this one court, trying to make basketball friends that will someday become investigators. It went pretty good, we got a couple dude’s numbers, and they want to call us to play again sometime. We’ll see if anything happens.

Wednesday we got to meet with another investigator, which was pretty good, he is an interesting guy. He’s pretty cool.s he is just way strange.

We didn’t do anything to celebrate the fourth of July. We did get to go to a public viewing of the Germany vs. France game, though! That was cool! We got the permission from President Stoddard to go with Klaus and his friend! Then on the way home I chest bumped a random guy on the street. Such is my life.Oh yeah and we got to meet with President Stoddard last week at a big welcome zone conference. He seems like he will be a really good mission president. He seems very genuine and cool. And he is a major pediatrician from Utah, so that is cool. (Austin has an interest in going into pediatrics.)

We also got to meet with another investigator on Saturday, and that was good. His name is Sampson, and he is a really nice guy, who is pretty sad, and definitely needs the gospel in his life, so I am hoping that we will really be able to help him out.  The Gospel really brings happiness – he needs it in his life.

Not too much else terribly interesting going on here. I’m still loving my mission, and I’m getting along well with Elder Möller.

Good to hear that all is going well with the move in of Tracy and the kids! Have fun with them! But just make sure that they are all aware that I will be the favorite when I come home. That’s just how it is.

Well gotta go! Love ya! Have an awesome week!

LG Elder Cassell


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