Deutschland ist Weltmeister!!!

Deutschland ist Weltmeister!!!

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It’s pretty dang cool that we won! We couldn’t really watch any of the game, since the game started at 9:00 at night. Elder Möller and I did get to watch part of it last night, though, as we were waiting for a bus. So that was cool! And then we had Klaus, our investigator, send us updates about the game. We didn’t need any texts to let us know who won, though. We definitely could tell. We could hear the partying and celebrations until like 3 in the morning. Everyone basically just drives around and honk their horns the entire night. We couldn’t really see anything going on, though. We heard some fireworks, and just heard the horns and screaming! Crazy! I really wanted to go out and check things out, but I decided it would probably be best to stay inside and be an obedient little missionary!

We had a decent week this week. We met with all three of our investigators again, which was good. It’s nice to have investigators again! We also played a lot of basketball this week! We have a decent amount of basketball friends at the moment! On Saturday we played at a big indoor gym, which is really hard to find in Germany, with a bunch of people. It ended up being the four of us Elders and about 7 other guys. And we are gonna play again with them this week, but they are gonna bring more people! So that is cool! We also were able to meet with our other investigator this week, which was good. This guy is so funny!   His apartment is like something out of the Big bang theory! It’s awesome! And we are playing with him again this week. So right now we have a bunch of friends. We just need to start really teaching them!  The social part is great, but it would be awesome to really have someone to really teach!

We had our interviews with President Stoddard (new Mission President) this week, which was way cool!  It was pretty much a get to know you interview, though. He just asked me where I’m from, what I did before the mission, how long I’ve been out, etc.  Something interesting, though, is that they have been to Flower Mound!  He helped his youngest daughter and her family move into Flower Mound around a year ago. I don’t know what ward they are in, but their names are the Newell’s (Knewells however you spell it, I’m not sure). That would be funny if you guys know them! But so far I like President Stoddard a lot, I think that he will be good!

Not much else too interesting has happened this week, though. Pretty normal.

Good to know that things are going pretty good with Tracy and the kids. And you didn’t have any air conditioning…I wonder what that would be like. Oh wait, that is Germany!  And that’s funny, I was just thinking like two days ago about how Big Brother would be starting up soon.  Good so far?

Well I gotta go! Have a good week! Love ya!

Elder Austin Cassell


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