Hot and Humid in Koblenz!

Sup People!

I’m probably not going to buy myself a jersey. Do you know how expensive those suckers are?!  Like 80€!  If you could find a cheap one online or something, that’d be cool. Then I could just have one for after the mission.

That is strange that you were able to find those candies in the dollar store. I thought that they were pretty much only available in Deutschland. But that is cool!  Good to know I can get some after my mission.

I’m glad everything is going pretty well with y’all and the kids. They are not in school yet, are they? What do you guys actually do with them most of the time, other than go swimming? So are you gonna fix the dragon puppet for Lainey? That is funny that she was able to find that thing, and that she wants it! She is going through a big dragon phase right now, right?   I feel like I probably have a whole bunch of random dragon stuff hidden somewhere in my room! Is Blake living in my room, by the way? Or is Tracy? Where am I gonna sleep when I get back?  The couch? I don’t really care, though. I just want to swim. That has been what I have wanted to do all week! It has been so hot out here lately! I think that it has mainly been the humidity! All I know is that it has been a pain in the butt going to bed lately because it gets so hot in our apartment. But I survive! Barely, but I do.

We haven’t really had too much interesting happen this week. It has been pretty normal/chill. Unfortunately we did not get to meet with many of our investigators this week just because of time problems. But they all seem to be doing pretty well!  We still have been playing a lot of basketball lately, which has been fun and has been great for finding new people! I am definitely out of practice, though. I just hope we can start doing more teaching.  But that’s just the way it is here in Germany.  A lot of socializing and service stuff, but teaching is harder.  I feel like we were able to do a lot more teaching in the other areas I have served in.  We are starting from scratch here, but I like this area, and I’m just happy to be here and serving the German people.

We had a street display on Saturday. It went okay. We gave out a decent amount of Books of Mormon, but we didn’t get any contact information from anyone, which was disappointing.  But overall things are going pretty well!  I’m happy!

We have transfer calls this Saturday, so we will see what happens to me!

Well y’all have a good week! Talk to you next week!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

(Courtesy of another missionary mom)

Elder Cassell’s Zone

Random Pics

Random Pics


Street Display

Street Display


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