Staying in Koblenz!

Sup Eltern!Well I guess to first off answer Frito’s question, my suitcase is doing pretty well. I personally like the shell type. Especially the ones with four wheels, it helps a lot as a missionary and on transfer days.

And then for transfer news, I am staying in Koblenz with Elder Möller for another transfer, which is what I was assuming. I’m happy to be here, though. We get along well, and I really like Koblenz. All of us are staying except for Elder Sauve. He is going to Aachen, and being replaced by Elder Renn. And yeah, Ockey is “dying” (missionary speak for going home). It’s funny that I never saw him!

And then to answer Frito’s questions about the branch, the branch here is pretty cool. They have a list for feeding the missionaries, so every Sunday we have some kind of a member appointment, which is nice. We all actually got to have lunch with a member this week, which was awesome! He took us all to a nice cafe, and ordered us all steaks! They were super good! I got a rump steak smothered in onions and a garlic herb sauce, and it was super tasty! And for dessert he got us all banana splits! We were all super full and happy the rest of the day! All the members are actually pretty cool. We have two young men. One is 17, and the other is 14. They are both good kids, and are pretty cool. We are playing rugby with them sometime within the next few weeks, so that’ll be fun!

Not too much interesting happened this week. We played more basketball, made some more friends who we are going to be playing with again this Thursday. On Saturday we did a lot of yard work for a family, and that was pretty good. It had been a while since I did some yard work! It’s funny that I have gotten to the point in my life where I actually enjoy doing yard work. So I’m ready to help the Frito out in the yard when I come back!

But really not too much happened this week. One of our investigators, (name removed) is on vacation in Spain for a month, so that kinda sucks. We got to meet with him this week, though, so that was great. We also got to meet with our other investigator, which was good.  Small steps…

Well that is pretty much all from me, I’ll talk to you next week!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

Ps. I’ll send you pictures next week. Elder Sauve borrowed my memory card so that he could send pictures to his family, so I don’t have it at the moment.

Pss. I don’t really have anything in particular that I want for my birthday. Probably just money so that I can get something cool here.


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