Sup people!

Well I don’t know whether or not I ate horse Saurbraten (we read that some saurbraten is made with horse meat…mom not so thrilled with that idea!!!). All I know is that I ate Saurbraten, and it has always been delicious. So if it was horse, well then horse is tasty. (My son is rotten!!)

Our week was okay. We have not been playing too much basketball lately, because the place that we usually play at, the one with the bear and the f bomb on the wall, is under construction at the moment. They are demolishing all of the area around it and building a night club, I guess. So that has definitely cut down on our basketball time, which is way lame. But we do have an appointment tonight with a friend of ours to go play at the university courts, so hopefully that will be good!

Those pictures were not of my comp, by the way, that was Elder Sauve. And he came out like that while cutting his hair and asked if it was okay, because he thought he had done a good job. No he had not. So it was just funny, so we took pictures so that he could send home to his family.

There really isn’t anything in particular that I want for my birthday. Just some tasty American snacks! Surprise me! You know what I like! And then you can just send me some fun little toys/ games and other fun things that I would like! OOH! I want Great Dalmuti! That is my request! And some Chickin in a biskit. And something Harry Potter. I just like being surprised, and I’ll be happy with pretty much anything!

Yeah I heard that Guardians of the Galaxy was way good! It is definitely on my list of movies that I am going to have to see when I get home!

Well not too much has been going on lately. We got to meet with (name removed), one of our investigators, and that went really well. We talked about accountability and how when much is given much is required of us. We also read through Moroni 7 with him to talk about how we each are given the ability to choose or path in life. I think it really helped him out. He confided some things in us, and asked for our council in some decisions that he is thinking about making in his life. I feel like he is really making some great progress, and he has pointed out many of the changes that he has made in his life since meeting with us. This lesson really reminded me about just how much the gospel of Christ can change a person’s life for the better.
There was also a really cool carnival/ festival thing this weekend called the “Rhein in Flammen”. There were a bunch of games, parties, bands, foods, and fireworks. We got to see all of the fireworks from our apartment, which was nice, because they did not start until like 11:30 at night. So naturally we stayed up to watch them. It’s just not the same, though, when you watch fireworks and don’t hear American patriotic music in the background.
I don’t know who I am going to room with when I get back to BYU.   It would be fun to room with some of the friends I have made in Germany.  I feel like that would be good for me.  I will have to see what my options are later. We will see. And that is strange that Cade is going to BYU now. Time is going by pretty fast! I will be going back to school in a year! That is weird!
Elder Renn is pretty cool. He is from Fort Collins Colorado. We all get along pretty well.
Well I gotta go! Love you guys! Have an awesome week!
Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

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