Hiking in the Rain

Hey Family!The basketball thing ended up not happening last week, unfortunately. Our friend, Mike, ended up forgetting about it. I can’t really blame him, though. He had to go in to the hospital the next day, so he had a lot on his mind.

Things here are going pretty well. Nothing really too interesting happened this week. We had zone training this week, and that went pretty good. Elder Renn gave a Thema, I can’t think of the English word for it, about how to get rid of stress. So all of the Koblenz elders helped him get some fun little activities going to help relieve everyone’s stress. Mine was called “Schlag your stress” and it involved me getting pillows wrapped around my arms, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, and then letting all of the Elders and Sisters hit me in the arms with some foam/wooden LARP weapons. It was funny! It kind of hurt after a while, though! Some missionaries apparently had a lot of stress!

After the meeting we did a zone finding activity. We took them to the grounds of a big palace in Koblenz, the one you can actually see from my apartment, and we played ultimate Frisbee and football and tried to invite a bunch of people to play with us. It went okay. We got a contact out of it.

We also were able to meet with our two main investigators is week, and both of those appointments went really well.  (Name removed) is really opening up to us which is way cool! I think that he will be making some real progress soon! And (Name removed) is also doing pretty well. He says that he wants to come to church every week now, which is good. And he is still reading in the Book of Mormon everyday, which is awesome!

On Thursday Elder Möller and I went wandering about the German countryside for a few hours tracking down some less active members. Yay. Especially because it was raining almost the whole time. It’s been raining like everyday lately! Super annoying. But we were able to find where they lived, and invite them to the ward hike that we had on Friday. We also got to ride back to town on a bus filled with a bunch of mentally challenged people. That was interesting.

We had the hike on Friday which was a lot of fun! A lot of the ward was there, and also a few friends of the church. Afterwords we grilled! I love German grilling! It’s really tasty!

Well that is pretty much everything interesting that has happened on my end this week.

Question answering!

1.) You asked about my district:  The four of us are our district. That’s why you don’t hear about it. It’s not really a district.

2.) Yeah, when we meet with members we usually share a lesson with them. And we usually meet with members usually once or twice a week.

3.) The plan for the trip sounds good to me, but I haven’t really thought about it too much, to be honest.

4.) I have not gotten a package yet, and that’s probably because I gave you the wrong address. I do live on 18, not 8. So we will see what happens with that! Hopefully they will find me. They are usually pretty good at finding the real owner. And for my other package, just send it to the mission office. Thanks a bunch, by the way!

Well I guess that is really everything from me! Hope you guys all have a good week! Have fun! Love you! Cassell out!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell


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