Zone Conference

Hey people!Well this letter is probably gonna be pretty short, because not too much really happened this week. And to be perfectly honest, I really do not have the attention span to write too much today.This week went by pretty well. We got to meet with both investigators again, which was good.  (Name removed) is a really cool guy, and he is making some pretty good progress at the moment! The only real problem with him is that he is always gone/busy on Sundays, so we can never get him to come to church. It makes it pretty hard!  If he would just get his butt to church, everything would be going smoother! But one thing that I have definitely had to learn on my mission is patience, so I’m okay with it. He is planning on coming to church some time soon, though, and he says that he will bring a friend, so that would be cool!

On Wednesday we went down to Düsseldorf for a Zone Conference with Elder Kearon. That was really good! Out of all of the general authorities that have to come and visit us, he was definitely my favorite! He was definitely the most down to earth/realistic of all of the people that have come to talk to the missionaries. He really knows what it’s like, I feel. Since he is from the UK and didn’t get baptized into the church until he was 26. Everyone really liked him a lot. It was also a pretty good conference because I got to see some people that I had not seen in a while. I got to see Elder Rock, Elder Kalt, Elder Bishop, Elder Palmer, and a decent amount of my other missionary friends! That is one thing that I definitely like about Zone conferences, is that I get to see all of my buddies!

Things are going pretty well with the work at the moment, we have a lot of friends, which is actually some of  what Elder Kearon talked about – just creating good relationships. It’s a delicate art.

I’m getting along pretty well with Elder Möller. And I get along with Elder Burger and Elder Renn as well, so that makes things fun!

Thanks for the packages that you sent me! Hopefully I will get them before my birthday!Well I gotta go! Have a good week! Love you! Tschüß!

Love, Elder Austin Cassell
With Sister Schwartz (Mission President's wife)

With Sister Schwartz (Mission President’s wife)

With President Schwartz

With President Schwartz


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