Going to Hogwarts

Sup people!Well I guess that you are gonna want to know how my birthday was. It went pretty well. We spent the earlier part of the day at a member’s house. Their names are the Weingartens, and they are a very nice elderly couple. They just invited the two of us over to have lunch with them, they made us some kind of tasty beef and pork stew with knödel and rot kohl, and then we did a bunch of yard work with them. I did not tell them that it was my birthday, they just happened to need some help with the yard work on that day. Then later the day all four of us went to see Christian, our magic friend, and spent some time with him. Then we went home and chilled in the evening. Not anything too special, but it was a pretty good birthday!

And like I just told the Frito, I am staying in Koblenz with Elder Möller, which is what I thought would happen. I seem to stay in all of my areas for 4 transfers!

We got to meet with all of our investigators this week, which was really good. (Name removed) is still doing pretty dang well! I think that he is making some awesome progress. A couple of our other investigators seem to be backtracking a little bit, though.

We had our zone p-day/zone training meeting this last week in Wiesbaden, and that went fine. Our Zone is barely a zone, though, more like a big district. But I guess that that all changed during the last transfer call. Some of the zone boundaries got changed a little bit because of the new stake that was formed a few months back. Friday everyone in the mission is gonna be going down to Frankfurt for a mission conference with Elder Ballard, and that will be pretty cool! It will cool to be able to see literally everyone! I’ll try to take some pictures! And this Sunday we will have a stake conference with Elder Ballard again.

Well not too much else has really gone on this week. Nothing really out of the ordinary. I talked to some random girl on the bus because she told me that she liked my Batman watch, so that was pretty nifty. Some other drunk girls told Elder Möller and I that we looked like we were going to Hogwarts, so naturally I took that as the highest of compliments!

Make sure to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I liked seeing the comments from the people that I have met on my mission! It made me happy!  (I emailed him all the Facebook comments.)

Well I think that is really everything from me for this week! Peace out! Mach’s gut!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

Hirsch Clan2

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