May the Force with with the Missionaries

Sup parentals!That’s crazy to hear about Grandpa!  I hope that he will be okay!  I’ll be sure to pray for him!  Please keep me posted on how he is and what is going on.  (Brian’s dad suffered a major stroke, and is not doing well)

That’s cool to hear that the UCLA game was pretty intense! I miss sports a lot. One thing that I actually got to do a few weeks ago that felt really strange was toss around a baseball. That was strange. I even got to use mits. It’d been a while since we had the chance to use either of those.

The mission conference was pretty cool! It was really cool to be able to see everybody there. I realized there that 1. I knew a lot of people there, and 2. I hardly knew any of the people there. That I feel is a good sign that I am getting old on the mission. I only have 5 transfers left, including this transfer. That is super weird. Time is flying by.

Elder Ballard was really cool! We got to see a real sense of his humor, which was really cool! I didn’t know that he had one! But he gave some really good talks both at the mission and stake conferences.

I finally got my package, by the way. As well as the little package from Texas Grandma from a bunch of months ago! Now I am set on snacks! Thanks a bunch! I was very happy with all of the food! And the heart thing was SUPER cheesey, by the way. I about gagged. But it was fun to get.  Make sure to thank everybody for me.

Not much has really gone on this week. Elder Burger got transferred out of here, he actually went to Coburg, which is funny! Now we have Elder Young in our area. I haven’t really been able to get to know him too well as of yet though, but he seems to be pretty cool. And Elder Watson did send me the picture by the way. Awesome, ja? So am I friends with him on Facebook or something? Are you still doing stuff on my facebook?

Using the "Force" for good! (photo by Elder Watson)

Using the “Force” for good!
(photo by Elder Watson)

All our friends and investigators are doing well.  Just taking things day by day.
Well that is pretty much it from me. I’m doing well, I’m happy.  I am just hoping to hasten the work a little more during the next few weeks. It’s hard finding people to teach, and harder to find people that want to really learn.Well I gotta go! Love Ya! Tschüß!

Elder Austin Cassell


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