Austin’s Areas

January 15, 2014 – April 10, 2015 (Release Day!)
Companion:  Elder Summerhays (1/15/15 – 2/25/15)
Final Companion:  Elder Bradner (2/25/15 – 4/10/15)
Gelsenkirchen is in the heart of the Ruhr region in Germany. Located in the western part of the country, Gelsenkirchen is located near major cities such as Dusseldorf and Cologne. Through coal mining, the Ruhr Region became former industrial capital of Germany and formed heavily populated cities. During World War II, the area was severely bombed due to its rich industrial value. After World War II though coal mining was severely curtailed and large unemployment hit the region. Gelsenkirchen, like neighboring cities, are refining their image promoting its industrial culture. Old refineries have been remolded into event halls and ice skating rinks. Beautiful bike paths now lie where old rail lines ran. Art from old machines are a source of artistic expression. Gelsenkirchen and the surrounding Ruhr Region offer this and more!
May 8, 2014 – January 15, 2015
Companion:  Elder Black (5/8/14 – 6/26/14)
Companion:  Elder Müller (6/26/14 – 10/29/14)
Companion:  Elder Paskett (10/29/14 – 1/15/15)
Koblenz: Germany’s most beautiful corner and a national heirloom.

At the famous Deutsches Eck, or German Corner, where the Rhine and Moselle converge, lies one of Germany’s oldest and most beautiful towns – Koblenz.  Vineyards, forests and four mountain ranges form the backdrop to the city, whose 2,000-year history has given rise to beautiful churches and castles, palatial residences and grand town houses.   Its abundance of cultural monuments and historic buildings, its cozy lanes and narrow alleyways, the relaxed and happy atmosphere of its squares and river promenades make Koblenz a friendly town where its guests feel right at home.

55531068 55531413 Deutsches Eck in Koblenz  Koblenz3  Schloss_Stolzenfels_Koblenz  stolzenfels_castle-koblenz-flrs-foto
4452-katz-castle-1920x1200-world-wallpaper  EltzCastle2 
November 28, 2013 – May 8, 2014   (5 1/2 months)
Companion:  Elder TJ Rock (11/28/13 – 3/14)
Companion #2:  Elder Bradner (3/14 – 5/8/14)
Coburg is a town located on the Itz River in Bavaria, Germany.  One of Germany’s largest castles, the mighty Veste Coburg citadel, built starting in 1225 (upon the site of an 11th-century chapel), dominates the town from its hilltop. Coburg is also home to one of the world renowned “Christmas Markets”, and is an amazing place to spend the Holidays! 
Coburg-a20530189 800px-Veste_Coburg_Luftbild 630px-Coburg-Moriz1 {dc7aada8-5a24-9c23-ce76-f98f92cf324b}


FIRST AREA IN GERMANY: Saarbrücken Germany
June 12, 2013 – November 28, 2013

Companion: Elder Samuel Watson  (6/12/13 – 10/17/13) & Elder Jacob Slagowski (10/17/13 – 11/28/13)

Located on the Southern edge of Germany, at the France/Germany border.

2b4eb44165 800px-Schloss_Saarbruecken_blaue_Stundegermany-saarbrucken-851-2   saarbrucken-germany-2 saarbrucken2 Saarbrucken neef-germany-107613 saarbrucken-germany-31 SB-Rathaus ws_Saarbrucken_Germany_1280x8001384265305_9c7e134480_o


MTC:  Training Center – May 29, 2013 – June 11, 2013

Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, UT
Companion:  Elder Baker (American Fork, UT)
Dates:  May 29, 2013 – June 11, 2013 (approximately)





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