How to Contact Austin

Austin’s Physical Address in Koblenz GERMANY
(for envelopes, mail & cards ONLY):
Elder Austin T.  Cassell
Kirche Jesu Christi
Emser Straße 18 
56076 Koblenz
Deutschland  GERMANY

E-mail Address:

All Packages (not envelopes or regular mail) should be sent to the Mission Home (Address below).  Please be cautious because of Customs charges!  Use USPS –  DO NOT use UPS or FedEx – they are astronomical and are notorious for taking forever!  Label EVERYTHING with “Missionary”: “Missionary book”, “Missionary dried fruit”, “Missionary shirt”, etc. It helps get them through customs!  If possible, take off any sales tags – if it looks like new merchandise, it can also get hung up in Customs.   Don’t send anything through – if you want to order something for him, please use or   There are no customs charges from the UK.   Expect about 2 – 4 weeks for delivery!  Any packages MUST be sent to the Mission home, just in case they get hung up, need to be signed for, or in case he gets transferred! 
Germany Frankfurt Mission
Elder Austin T. Cassell
Kirche Jesu Christi
Corneliusstraße 18
60325 Frankfurt a. Main
Deutschland  GERMANY

One thought on “How to Contact Austin

  1. Love you Austin (woops,) Elder Cassell. Love your letters. I have to learn to send an e-mail. Your Mom tried to show me but, your Grandmother will have to show me again, Not a very swift leaner. Know that you are in my prayers. Much, much love Grammy.

    I love telling everyone my #1 Great Grandson is in Germany as a Missionary. Mighty proud of you.


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