May the Force with with the Missionaries

Sup parentals!That’s crazy to hear about Grandpa!  I hope that he will be okay!  I’ll be sure to pray for him!  Please keep me posted on how he is and what is going on.  (Brian’s dad suffered a major stroke, and is not doing well)

That’s cool to hear that the UCLA game was pretty intense! I miss sports a lot. One thing that I actually got to do a few weeks ago that felt really strange was toss around a baseball. That was strange. I even got to use mits. It’d been a while since we had the chance to use either of those.

The mission conference was pretty cool! It was really cool to be able to see everybody there. I realized there that 1. I knew a lot of people there, and 2. I hardly knew any of the people there. That I feel is a good sign that I am getting old on the mission. I only have 5 transfers left, including this transfer. That is super weird. Time is flying by.

Elder Ballard was really cool! We got to see a real sense of his humor, which was really cool! I didn’t know that he had one! But he gave some really good talks both at the mission and stake conferences.

I finally got my package, by the way. As well as the little package from Texas Grandma from a bunch of months ago! Now I am set on snacks! Thanks a bunch! I was very happy with all of the food! And the heart thing was SUPER cheesey, by the way. I about gagged. But it was fun to get.  Make sure to thank everybody for me.

Not much has really gone on this week. Elder Burger got transferred out of here, he actually went to Coburg, which is funny! Now we have Elder Young in our area. I haven’t really been able to get to know him too well as of yet though, but he seems to be pretty cool. And Elder Watson did send me the picture by the way. Awesome, ja? So am I friends with him on Facebook or something? Are you still doing stuff on my facebook?

Using the "Force" for good! (photo by Elder Watson)

Using the “Force” for good!
(photo by Elder Watson)

All our friends and investigators are doing well.  Just taking things day by day.
Well that is pretty much it from me. I’m doing well, I’m happy.  I am just hoping to hasten the work a little more during the next few weeks. It’s hard finding people to teach, and harder to find people that want to really learn.Well I gotta go! Love Ya! Tschüß!

Elder Austin Cassell


Going to Hogwarts

Sup people!Well I guess that you are gonna want to know how my birthday was. It went pretty well. We spent the earlier part of the day at a member’s house. Their names are the Weingartens, and they are a very nice elderly couple. They just invited the two of us over to have lunch with them, they made us some kind of tasty beef and pork stew with knödel and rot kohl, and then we did a bunch of yard work with them. I did not tell them that it was my birthday, they just happened to need some help with the yard work on that day. Then later the day all four of us went to see Christian, our magic friend, and spent some time with him. Then we went home and chilled in the evening. Not anything too special, but it was a pretty good birthday!

And like I just told the Frito, I am staying in Koblenz with Elder Möller, which is what I thought would happen. I seem to stay in all of my areas for 4 transfers!

We got to meet with all of our investigators this week, which was really good. (Name removed) is still doing pretty dang well! I think that he is making some awesome progress. A couple of our other investigators seem to be backtracking a little bit, though.

We had our zone p-day/zone training meeting this last week in Wiesbaden, and that went fine. Our Zone is barely a zone, though, more like a big district. But I guess that that all changed during the last transfer call. Some of the zone boundaries got changed a little bit because of the new stake that was formed a few months back. Friday everyone in the mission is gonna be going down to Frankfurt for a mission conference with Elder Ballard, and that will be pretty cool! It will cool to be able to see literally everyone! I’ll try to take some pictures! And this Sunday we will have a stake conference with Elder Ballard again.

Well not too much else has really gone on this week. Nothing really out of the ordinary. I talked to some random girl on the bus because she told me that she liked my Batman watch, so that was pretty nifty. Some other drunk girls told Elder Möller and I that we looked like we were going to Hogwarts, so naturally I took that as the highest of compliments!

Make sure to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I liked seeing the comments from the people that I have met on my mission! It made me happy!  (I emailed him all the Facebook comments.)

Well I think that is really everything from me for this week! Peace out! Mach’s gut!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

Hirsch Clan2

Zone P-Day in Wiesbaden

Hey Parentals!Well this letter is gonna be rather short. I have to leave to go to a zone p-day in Wiesbaden, and I spent most of my time writing my friends, and other family that I have neglected.

Well not too much has changed since last week. We did a bunch of service hours this week, and that was pretty good. I spent a great amount of time in a tree picking plums. Other than that we just moved a bunch of furniture and did a bunch of standard garden work.

We got to meet with some of our investigators this week, and they are all doing pretty well.

We have transfers not this Friday, but the next Friday. This one is actually gonna be pretty cool, though, because we are getting the whole mission together to have a  mission conference with Elder Ballard.

Other than that not too much is going on at the moment. We are still working on finding new investigators. Oh I got my package from Amazon! Thanks for that! We have played a few games with the other Elders, and it has been pretty fun!

Well sorry, but I gotta go! Have a great week! Love ya, bye!

Elder Cassell

Zone Conference

Hey people!Well this letter is probably gonna be pretty short, because not too much really happened this week. And to be perfectly honest, I really do not have the attention span to write too much today.This week went by pretty well. We got to meet with both investigators again, which was good.  (Name removed) is a really cool guy, and he is making some pretty good progress at the moment! The only real problem with him is that he is always gone/busy on Sundays, so we can never get him to come to church. It makes it pretty hard!  If he would just get his butt to church, everything would be going smoother! But one thing that I have definitely had to learn on my mission is patience, so I’m okay with it. He is planning on coming to church some time soon, though, and he says that he will bring a friend, so that would be cool!

On Wednesday we went down to Düsseldorf for a Zone Conference with Elder Kearon. That was really good! Out of all of the general authorities that have to come and visit us, he was definitely my favorite! He was definitely the most down to earth/realistic of all of the people that have come to talk to the missionaries. He really knows what it’s like, I feel. Since he is from the UK and didn’t get baptized into the church until he was 26. Everyone really liked him a lot. It was also a pretty good conference because I got to see some people that I had not seen in a while. I got to see Elder Rock, Elder Kalt, Elder Bishop, Elder Palmer, and a decent amount of my other missionary friends! That is one thing that I definitely like about Zone conferences, is that I get to see all of my buddies!

Things are going pretty well with the work at the moment, we have a lot of friends, which is actually some of  what Elder Kearon talked about – just creating good relationships. It’s a delicate art.

I’m getting along pretty well with Elder Möller. And I get along with Elder Burger and Elder Renn as well, so that makes things fun!

Thanks for the packages that you sent me! Hopefully I will get them before my birthday!Well I gotta go! Have a good week! Love you! Tschüß!

Love, Elder Austin Cassell
With Sister Schwartz (Mission President's wife)

With Sister Schwartz (Mission President’s wife)

With President Schwartz

With President Schwartz

Hiking in the Rain

Hey Family!The basketball thing ended up not happening last week, unfortunately. Our friend, Mike, ended up forgetting about it. I can’t really blame him, though. He had to go in to the hospital the next day, so he had a lot on his mind.

Things here are going pretty well. Nothing really too interesting happened this week. We had zone training this week, and that went pretty good. Elder Renn gave a Thema, I can’t think of the English word for it, about how to get rid of stress. So all of the Koblenz elders helped him get some fun little activities going to help relieve everyone’s stress. Mine was called “Schlag your stress” and it involved me getting pillows wrapped around my arms, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, and then letting all of the Elders and Sisters hit me in the arms with some foam/wooden LARP weapons. It was funny! It kind of hurt after a while, though! Some missionaries apparently had a lot of stress!

After the meeting we did a zone finding activity. We took them to the grounds of a big palace in Koblenz, the one you can actually see from my apartment, and we played ultimate Frisbee and football and tried to invite a bunch of people to play with us. It went okay. We got a contact out of it.

We also were able to meet with our two main investigators is week, and both of those appointments went really well.  (Name removed) is really opening up to us which is way cool! I think that he will be making some real progress soon! And (Name removed) is also doing pretty well. He says that he wants to come to church every week now, which is good. And he is still reading in the Book of Mormon everyday, which is awesome!

On Thursday Elder Möller and I went wandering about the German countryside for a few hours tracking down some less active members. Yay. Especially because it was raining almost the whole time. It’s been raining like everyday lately! Super annoying. But we were able to find where they lived, and invite them to the ward hike that we had on Friday. We also got to ride back to town on a bus filled with a bunch of mentally challenged people. That was interesting.

We had the hike on Friday which was a lot of fun! A lot of the ward was there, and also a few friends of the church. Afterwords we grilled! I love German grilling! It’s really tasty!

Well that is pretty much everything interesting that has happened on my end this week.

Question answering!

1.) You asked about my district:  The four of us are our district. That’s why you don’t hear about it. It’s not really a district.

2.) Yeah, when we meet with members we usually share a lesson with them. And we usually meet with members usually once or twice a week.

3.) The plan for the trip sounds good to me, but I haven’t really thought about it too much, to be honest.

4.) I have not gotten a package yet, and that’s probably because I gave you the wrong address. I do live on 18, not 8. So we will see what happens with that! Hopefully they will find me. They are usually pretty good at finding the real owner. And for my other package, just send it to the mission office. Thanks a bunch, by the way!

Well I guess that is really everything from me! Hope you guys all have a good week! Have fun! Love you! Cassell out!

Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell


Sup people!

Well I don’t know whether or not I ate horse Saurbraten (we read that some saurbraten is made with horse meat…mom not so thrilled with that idea!!!). All I know is that I ate Saurbraten, and it has always been delicious. So if it was horse, well then horse is tasty. (My son is rotten!!)

Our week was okay. We have not been playing too much basketball lately, because the place that we usually play at, the one with the bear and the f bomb on the wall, is under construction at the moment. They are demolishing all of the area around it and building a night club, I guess. So that has definitely cut down on our basketball time, which is way lame. But we do have an appointment tonight with a friend of ours to go play at the university courts, so hopefully that will be good!

Those pictures were not of my comp, by the way, that was Elder Sauve. And he came out like that while cutting his hair and asked if it was okay, because he thought he had done a good job. No he had not. So it was just funny, so we took pictures so that he could send home to his family.

There really isn’t anything in particular that I want for my birthday. Just some tasty American snacks! Surprise me! You know what I like! And then you can just send me some fun little toys/ games and other fun things that I would like! OOH! I want Great Dalmuti! That is my request! And some Chickin in a biskit. And something Harry Potter. I just like being surprised, and I’ll be happy with pretty much anything!

Yeah I heard that Guardians of the Galaxy was way good! It is definitely on my list of movies that I am going to have to see when I get home!

Well not too much has been going on lately. We got to meet with (name removed), one of our investigators, and that went really well. We talked about accountability and how when much is given much is required of us. We also read through Moroni 7 with him to talk about how we each are given the ability to choose or path in life. I think it really helped him out. He confided some things in us, and asked for our council in some decisions that he is thinking about making in his life. I feel like he is really making some great progress, and he has pointed out many of the changes that he has made in his life since meeting with us. This lesson really reminded me about just how much the gospel of Christ can change a person’s life for the better.
There was also a really cool carnival/ festival thing this weekend called the “Rhein in Flammen”. There were a bunch of games, parties, bands, foods, and fireworks. We got to see all of the fireworks from our apartment, which was nice, because they did not start until like 11:30 at night. So naturally we stayed up to watch them. It’s just not the same, though, when you watch fireworks and don’t hear American patriotic music in the background.
I don’t know who I am going to room with when I get back to BYU.   It would be fun to room with some of the friends I have made in Germany.  I feel like that would be good for me.  I will have to see what my options are later. We will see. And that is strange that Cade is going to BYU now. Time is going by pretty fast! I will be going back to school in a year! That is weird!
Elder Renn is pretty cool. He is from Fort Collins Colorado. We all get along pretty well.
Well I gotta go! Love you guys! Have an awesome week!
Love ya, Elder Austin Cassell

Sup People!I don’t really have too much time to write today, but I am uploading a bunch of pictures, and theoretically some videos, so you should be kept happy!We did not have a whole lot happen this week. But first I will try and answer some of y’all’s questions:

1)  I have not received Grandma’s package. I have no idea where it is. I’ve looked for it.

2)  I don’t know if I really have a favorite German food, but there are a lot that I do like a lot! I love Gulasch, Saurbraten, currywurst, knödel, and other good stuff like that!

3)  Honestly for my birthday you can just send me some little snacks and some Fiji Old Spice deodorant, and I will be happy. I am probably just gonna buy myself something here. Like some clothes or cards or a terabyte or something like that. We’ll see.

4)  I’m totally okay about not being a trainer yet, honestly. I don’t particularly care for missionary titles or positions. I just do my work.

5)  I hear from other missionary’s every now and then, or I see them at Bahnhofs and Zone Conferences and stuff. I think that most of my missionary friends are all doing pretty good.

Well Like I said not too much really happened this week. We got Elder Renn on Thursday, we made some more basketball friends which was cool. We got to meet with our Branch President and his family on Sunday, which was cool. We did a lot of finding this week, and that went okay. We didn’t really find too many people through it, but we had a lot of fun making little competitions and stuff. We also did a lot of service for members this week, like taking a bunch of stuff out of a flooded basement, and hacking a bunch of wood. We were with one family, The Hoburg’s, the whole day doing a bunch of yard work, then we went to the park with their family, which is where I have the videos from. It was fun!

That is really all from me, though. Not much happened.

Well I love you guys! Have a good week! Tschüß!